Lots going on the past few weeks, so here are the highlights:

  • We went up to SD for a few days last week to see my family. My little brother was home on leave from Japan where he is stationed, so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity so that he could meet Munchkin for the first time. We had a blast playing in the snow!
  • Munchkin took his first steps last Wednesday! He’s up to 9 now, and going. Look out, world!
  • Stephen started a new job! It doesn’t quite pay what his old one did, but there are a lot of things more important than money. It is a great learning experience and he seems to really enjoy it so far, and that is what really matters (despite what so people might tell you!).
  • I just had my 27th birthday this week, and it was lovely. I fixed a delicious dinner of Vietnamese fried fish with rice noodles and stir-fried veggies, and spent the evening home with my two favorite guys. What could be better than that?

P365  Highlights:

01.11.10 “Patchwork” This is my new FAV picture of Munchkin!

01.15.10 “Perfect Pie” Baking at Grandma’s house. Yum!!!

“Grandma Snuggles” Not a P365 pic, but I wanted to post it anyway! This is my Mom with Munchkin.

I am not used to having another shutterbug around! My brother, Ross.

01.17.10 “Dune” Drifted snow on the SD prairie

Hopping the fence. Yes, that is the TOP wire (the fence was completely covered in some areas)

01.18.10 “Iowa Fog” taken on the drive home.

01.21.10 “Lillian”

01.22.10 “My Cowboy” Isn’t he cute????

01.23.10 “Puppets” Mom gave me a book on knitted finger puppets for my birthday. Yes, that is Lillian on the left:)

I have really been good about keeping up with my P365 pics so far this year! (you can see the rest over at flickr) I have been having a lot of fun with it, and I have only cheated once (shhh!!!!)


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