Happy New Year!

Wow. Another year has flown by, and what an amazing year it has been! I can hardly believe that this time last year we were still waiting to become parents. Now I can’t imagine our lives without Munchkin. He is such a joy and a blessing!

At 10 months, his little personality is really starting to blossom. He jabbers constantly, and although he only knows a few words (mama, papa, kitty), he loves to try to imitate conversation. He really picks up on the tone of voice we are using and incorporates the tones into his babble remarkably well. Sometimes he will wake up at night or after a nap and I’ll find him in his crib jabbering to his stuffed monkey.  Oh, and “kitty” has come to mean  even remotely fuzzy. Cats, dogs, stuffed animals, even dad’s hair are all “kitties.”

Munchkin also loves music and dancing. And he cracks himself (and us) up all the time with his dancing. He thinks he is sooo funny! He eats EVERYTHING! (even things that aren’t meant to be eaten) There is nothing picky about this boy at all, although he is particularly fond of peas and cheerios right now. He gives super-slobbery kisses and big hugs. He can stand really well unsupported, and will walk all over the place as long as he has a hand on the wall, the furniture, etc… I’m sure he could walk on his own if he really wanted to because he really isn’t bearing any weight on the hand, but he’s just too chicken to let go:) And that smile! It continues to melt my heart every day:)

We had a wonderful Christmas, but it will sure be nice to get back into our routine around here now that the holidays are past. Munchkin has been sleeping so well at night lately, but I’m afraid it is just because he is sooo worn out!

We spent Christmas Eve with my husband’s family, then woke up to a beautiful blanket of white on Christmas morning. White Christmases are a rarity around here, so it was extra-special to wake up to the snow on Munchkin’s first Christmas. With the slick road conditions, we decided to spend the morning at home with just the three of us instead of rushing out for more family visits. It was sooo nice and relaxing! We had a nice breakfast together, read the Christmas Story, watched a movie and enjoyed some hot tea. Munchkin wasn’t really up to playing in the snow (and who could blame him with the temperature at a chilly 18 degrees!) so we came back inside and he opened the few presents that we got for him: a handmade puppy from me and a partially restored Radio Flyer wagon from Stephen, plus a little bicycle helmet. Nothing excited him more, however, than the new Elmo toothbrush in his stocking. He carried that thing around all morning!

Once the roads had cleared, it was back to the Christmas rush. We drove out to Mountain Home where Stephen’s aunt has her “cabin” by the White River to spend time with the other side of the family. When we arrived home the next evening, It was another rush to pack for a trip to Branson as chaperones for a 3-day youth trip. Poor Munchkin was so worn out by this time that he slept through the entire Skillet concert!

Finally we are home and unpacked, and the laundry is caught up. Finally we can relax a little and look forward to a brand new year!

One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year to you!

    I love your pictures! Your little guy is really growing!! I loved 10 months with Michaela. Oh by the way she is admiring the pictures too! She liked em!

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