On the 7th, 8th,and 9th days of kindness

Whew! I should have started this a few days earlier! This time of year always ends up a little crazy. I have been keeping up with my 12 days of kindness , as promised, but blogging about them has slipped a little due to our hectic schedule:) Wednesday was day 7 of my 12 days of kindness and since it was also grocery day and I happened to be a few dollars under budget, I thought I would pick up a few things for our Church’s food pantry. I also cleaned out our pantry and got rid of a few extra thing that were in there. It wasn’t much, but hopefully it will help out a family in need.  On Thursday, I delivered a plate of fresh baked pumpkin bars to a few of my favorite hard-working public school teachers over at Reagan Elementary to say thanks for all they do.

Today is day 9, and I’m really excited about today’s act of kindness! I spent this morning making handmade Christmas cards, and when Stephen gets home, we are all going to deliver them to a nearby nursing home. My grandpa is in the process of moving to an assisted living facility up in Wyoming, and while he has lots of family around to visit often, many people do not. I just keep thinking about how much it means to me to know that my parents, sister, cousins, aunts and uncles will be with my grandpa this year at Christmas. Since I cannot be there this year, I thought it would be nice to stop in here, where I can and bring a little holiday cheer to men and women in my own community. Munchkin will be coming with us, and he is sure to bring plenty of smiles:)

Oh and a big, big thanks to all who have shopped at my etsy site so far! I’m less than $15 away from my goal of donating a goat through Heifer International! And I still have till Monday to earn the rest… I am really going to try to list a few more items this afternoon, if Munchkin will take a goood nap for me!


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