On the first day of kindness…

I have had to be a bit creative in planning my activities for the next 12 days since I am unfortunately having to do this the low/no cost way this year.  Still, there are so many ways to touch someone’s life that don’t require money. Many just require a bit of our time, skills, and abilities. Or even our hobbies:-)

As anyone who has ever visited my blog before knows, I LOVE to make things, and I love to give away handmade things. I also have tons and tons of yarn leftover from previous projects. So naturally, one of the first things that came to mind for Day 1 was a project that I have participated in before called Afghans for Afghans that sends hand-knit blankets, mittens, socks, and sweaters to people in need in Afganistan. I checked out their website but they don’t have currently have a campaign going (they are supposed to have one soon though!), so I started looking for other knitting/crocheting charities that I could make items for. Not only are there plenty of other projects out there for knitters and crocheters, lo and behold, there is even a project right here in my very own home state called Knitting for Noggins that supplies hats for kids and teenagers at the Arkansas State Children’s Hospital. So I whipped out some cheery yellow yarn (leftover from this) and started knitting up a hat. I haven’t quite finished it yet, but I guess it still counts for my Day#1 🙂

Do you have a special talent or ability that could be used to bless others? I challenge all reading this to think this week about how your skills can make a difference to someone else. Whether you make things like me, or perform, or can fix things, etc… we all can do something!


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