Eight months

So much can change in a month! One month ago, I could set Munchkin down with some toys and he was pretty much contained. Sure, he would scoot around, but he wasn’t so fast that I couldn’t keep up with him. It wasn’t to much of an ordeal to set him down in the kitchen and fix dinner, or in the bedroom to fold laundry, etc… Now, WOW! He is all over the place. He crawls, sometimes on hands and knees and sometimes on hands and feet with his butt up in the air, he climbs over anything in his way, he pulls up and walks along furniture. He goes nonstop. He opens drawers and empties the contents, pulls books off the bookcase (and cats off the window ledge!), eats anything in sight (including cat food!). He gives bear hugs and great big slobbery kisses. He loves to chase his mama around the couch on hands and knees laughing hysterically. He loves eating finger foods like cheerios and bits of butternut squash muffin. He has also decided he’s just a one (short) nap kind of guy. Oh, and I could’ve sworn I heard him say kitty the other day…

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