driving me crazy…

Whew… finally got the little stinker down for a nap.

Munchkin spent his first 7 months sleeping so well that I actually caught myself wondering upon occasion why it is that so many new parents make a big deal about sleep deprivation these first few months. What is the big deal anyways? I mean, it isn’t bad at all 🙂 Maybe I’m just super mom or something. Ha ha… I am eating my words now! Munchkin has lately developed quite an attitude and has really been testing it out. I used to just lay him in his crib after breastfeeding him at bedtime or naptime, awake or not, and he would just go to sleep. If he woke up in the night, I would feed him, put him back to bed, and he would drift right back to sleep. Piece of cake. For seven months it worked this way. Then… this past week he has started pitching a royal fit if I even approach the crib with him in my arms. And if I try putting him down after he falls asleep he wakes up. every. time. Same at nap time. He’s not hungry, doesn’t need changed, is barely-keeping-his-eyes-open-tired, but he WON’T sleep in his crip. I’ve tried rocking him back to sleep and putting him back to bed… and repeating until three AM. I’ve tried going into his room, laying him back down without saying anything, and leaving, but he just stands back up and screams. I’ve even tried letting him cry for a while, but that just makes both of us more upset. The only thing that works is putting him in bed with us. Spoiled, I know, but at 3 in the morning I’m just ready for some sleep and if I put him in bed with us, he’s out like a rock in two seconds flat.

sigh. At least he’s asleep now. Better get the floors swept and mopped before he wakes up. They’re starting to look scary…


2 thoughts on “driving me crazy…

  1. Isn’t parenting hard! Wonderful but oh so challenging! Michaela keeps showing me how much more I need to grow as a parent.

    Michaela’s always had sleep issues and we have always co slept. But every child is different. Sorry your lil guy is giving you a run for it!

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