Life has been busy, but wonderful. Have I mentioned that I LOVE this time of year??? We went to the Applefest last weekend, and while the fest was a little short on apples (there were a couple of booths that had apples or apple-related stuff, cider, applecakes, etc…, but it was mostly just a craft fair/carnival) it was still fun. There were also yardsales and flea markets open ALL over town, and we picked up an old Radio Flyer wagon for Munchkin that needs a little work at one of them. We didn’t get to do the kite flying because the wind completely died down by evening, but we can always do that another day.

I am also beginning to have renewed faith in my gardening skills. It seems like fall crops are a lot more successful (at least for me!). Our second crop of beans, radishes, carrots, and swiss chard are absolutely thriving. In fact, we have more chard than we know what to do with! Oh, and we got our chickens back (Husband’s sister was kindly caring for them when we were considering selling our house), so our teeny tiny farm is complete. Except I still really wish I had room for a dairy goat or two:-)

Munchkin loves to spend time outdoors and is facinated by all things nature. Bugs, leaves, twigs… Unfortunately, we haven’t had as many opportunities to go hiking as we usually do this time of year, but we still get out whenever we can, even if it is just a walk to the park or the store. He also loves to “help” in the garden:

(I did rinse the carrot, btw, before I let him gnaw on it… and we had it for supper with some other carrots and fresh green beans… yummy!)

My is he growing up fast! He’s all over the place now, crawling and pulling up, and even letting go and standing for several seconds unsupported. I counted 15 seconds the other day! He is such a sweet, happy boy. I just can’t tell you how happy he has made us.

Here he is birdwatching (after running off the poor kitties who were sitting on the ledge before)

I have been working on a project update post for a while now, but Munchkin has been keeping me extra busy. I did finally restock some things on my Etsy site though, so check it out!


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