It’s that time of year again…

…time for homemade apple sauce and apple butter, fresh baked pumpkin pie, creamy pumpkin soup, fuzzy warm mittens and hats and socks, beautiful Ozark Mountain leaves… happy fall, every one!

I really, REALLY wanted to go hiking today, but husband has to speak at the Men’s Breakfast at church this morning, so we have to be in town. Bummer. We are planning to go to the Applefest in Lincoln this afternoon though, and maybe take Munchkin kite flying this evening. All in all, a pretty fun day!

Munchkin has changed SO much this past month! He went from not crawling at all and just barely “scooting” at 7 months to crawling ALL over the place and standing completely unsupported for up tp 15 seconds at almost 8 months! This kid is wearing me out:-) His new favorite obsessions are cat food and potting soil, which he can seek out like radar from across the house. Oh, and he loves to sing (in the highest voice I’ve ever heard) and dance. It’s SO cute!


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