Seven months, and a hike at Rush Mountain

This Labor Day weekend, Munchkin turned 7 months old. He is getting so big! We spent part of the weekend visiting family at their cabin on the White River, and went for a hike at nearby Rush Mountain. I really wish we would have gotten there earlier while it was still cool (thanks a lot, husband!:-) because there was a lot more to see than what we were able to take in. I am a bit of a history buff, so this hike was particularly interesting to me. Rush Mountain was once the sight of a booming Zinc mining community, but when zinc prices fell after WWI, the town dried up. Now, only a handful of dilapidated buildings and stone foundations, as well as several fenced-off abandoned mine shafts, remain. There’s a short (less than 1/2 mile) interpretive trail with several plaques telling the story of Rush, and a longer (approximately 4 mile) hiking trail. Definitely worth checking out! We will have to go back sometime when it isn’t so hot…

A bit about Munchkin at 7 months:

  • soooo close to crawling! Actually, I saw him crawl about three feet once when he was after the cat, but he hasn’t done it since. He still primarily scoots around on his butt or tummy, and now can go backwards and around in circles:-)
  • can pull himself up to stand! Standing is by far his favorite position, but he just figured out how to pull up on his own a couple of days ago. Maybe he won’t be quite so clingy now that he doesn’t need me to hold him up as much…
  • has three teeth… and like to practice using them on Mommy
  • still primarily breastfeeding, but gradually getting used to other foods as well. He is a great eater… so far the only food I’ve tried that he doesn’t care for is peaches.
  • sleeps well through the night most nights, and wakes up around 5:30-6 am. The naps could use some work….
  • LOVES to splash in the water, and will be starting swim class next Saturday! 
  • has a really amazing attention span for a baby… he will sit and play with his blocks in the living room, or a set of measuring cups in the kitchen for an hour or more some days.
  • loves to go for walks
  • has become very interested in animals, especially the cats (unfortunately, they’re not quite as interested in him!)
  • his hair is coming in very quickly now, but it is SO light that he still looks fairly bald from a distance. It is a little odd that his hair is so light, since his dad and I both have dark hair. Really, it’s almost white!

3 thoughts on “Seven months, and a hike at Rush Mountain

  1. I’m sad to have missed you guys at the White River – wanted to get some painting done on Monday in my bedroom. So glad you guys got to explore a bit while down that way. Also excited to hear 7 month updates! The long attention span doesn’t surprise me… look at his mom and dad (and other family members)… we will work on projects for hours! 🙂

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