A nice walk and some projects

We are walkers. We go for a walk as a family at least once or twice a week (usually more!). It is such a wonderful way to slow down, especially in such a hectic world, and just spend some time together. Sometimes we get into deep philosophical conversations, sometimes we talk about our hopes and dreams for the future, sometimes we make fun of tacky houses in our neighborhood (oh, it’s bad!) and sometimes we just walk. We’ve gone for so many walks, as a matter of fact, that we are pretty well tired of our own neighborhood and usually drive to another one to do our walking:-) One thing I DO like about our neighboorhood, even if there isn’t much to like, is that we are just right on the edge of town. We only have to go a half mile or so and we feel like we’re off in the country, strolling down a dirt road. This vineyard and old, abandoned home are a scene that never gets old, no matter how many times we walk by:

And here are a couple of recent projects:

Vintage book illustrations to decorate Munchkin’s room (don’t worry, the book was already falling apart- I didn’t destroy a perfectly good book!

A coat rack made using vintage glass doorknobs from Grandma Jo’s house

And a dress for a little girl at church. I cut out the pieces for it when I was pregnant and we didn’t know if Munchkin was a boy or girl. I thought that little Madelyn would look better in it than Munchkin. (Although he was awfully cute. Don’t ask:-)


4 thoughts on “A nice walk and some projects

  1. I love the book pages as decoration! I also love that wall color. Do you know the name of it? I’m hoping to paint an accent wall or two, and that looks very close to the color I have in mind. Also, how did you fasten the door knobs to the piece of wood? That may be a stupid question, I suppose. We have glass doorknobs in our apartment, and I think it would be really fun to make a purse/bag/hat rack out of them too.

    • Oh goodness, I think the paint was out of the mis-tint section… I have no idea what it was called! I’m pretty sure it was Dutchboy low VOC though.

      For the doorknobs, we just went to Lowe’s and got ordinary bolts to fit them (actually, that was harder than it sounds because the threads were really messed up.) We then drilled part way through the board with a wider spade bit to create a recessed area for the bolt heads so that the board would lay flat on against the wall, then drilled the rest of the way through with the smaller bit, and screwed on the knobs. Hopefully that makes sense?

      • I’ll admit it took me a few minutes of staring at the screen trying to visualize what you said, but it did finally make sense. 🙂 Very clever! I’m going to hit up some of the antique stores around the corner for more glass door knobs. Thanks for the extra info.

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