Happy Surprise and Munchkin’s new mode of transportation…

I went outside to water the garden this morning and saw that my cactus bloomed last night! It blooms in the middle of the night and the flower starts dying as soon as the sun comes up, so often I miss it:-( Isn’t it beautiful?

And the zinnias are always pretty:

The day got even better when I scored some awesome yardsale loot! $5 and Munchkin is SET for clothes until next summer! Woo Hoo!

And about his new mode of transportation: Munchkin has absolutely zero desire to get on his hands and knees, and he won’t tolerate being on his tummy at all unless he’s sleeping. Nope, no crawling for him. I was starting to think that maybe it would be a while until he was mobile, but he’s just full of surprises! He has figured out that he can sit on his butt and scoot himself backwards with his feet. (and it works really well on the slippery laminate floors!)It’s pretty funny to watch because he can only go in reverse and when he hits a wall, he doesn’t know what to do:-)


One thought on “Happy Surprise and Munchkin’s new mode of transportation…

  1. I babysat a little girl that did this, she never crawled and eventually figured out how to go forwards by kicking her leg out and scooting with her arms. Hilarious! She was faster than the crawlers, KB is up on her hands and knees rocking, we expect her to take off any day now.

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