Why oh why…

…did I wait until the last minute to try and come up with a post for today???? Now it’s almost 10 (aka BEDTIME around here!) and I have a killer headache. Munchkin’s cold is really starting to get to me… he’s been sleeping in short little chunks because his little nose gets stuffy and it wakes him up. Oh, and I think his second bottom tooth is trying to make its way in, so even when he is awake he’s cranky.

Now look at me, starting the week off with such a downer post…

Really, today has been a good day. A strange day, a little bittersweet, but good. Today all of my coworkers (ex-coworkers) all headed back to school without me and it feels…. really weird. I really didn’t expect to feel this way, actually. I am SO super excited and grateful that I can focus on being a mommy right now. It’s what I have always wanted to do. I’m loving every minute of it. But a little part of me is still sad (jealous even?)  to think of another teacher walking into my classroom, teaching my students, doing my job (even though I know Jen and know she is going to do a GREAT job!) That feeling that you’ve been replaced… it just sucks.  And it hit me all at once today. No matter how much I love being a mom, teaching is part of who I am as well; I guess I didn’t realize just how much I would miss it. I’m totally thinking of crashing one of the elementary art meetings sometime…

(Missing these kiddos already 😦 )

On a lighter note:

  • Our insurance changed their minds and were able to resolve their issues with our hospital of choice, which means that Munchkin can still see his awesome doctor and I can still see my Endocrinologist! Woo Hoo! Fortunately, I had been a lazy bum about cancelling Munchkin’s 6 month well-baby visit and rescheduling with a different doctor, so we were able to make his original appointment on Thursday.
  • After a very slow start, our garden is finally taking shape. We’ve been eating tons of green beans (because, apparently, you don’t need a green thumb to grow these!) and we’re starting to get a few cucumbers, peppers (jalapenos and sweet), and tomatoes. I did a late planting of kale and Swiss chard for a fall harvest, and they’re both off to a good start. Oh, and we should have some radishes and carrots before too long! There is something so rewarding about eating food that you grew yourself. It just tastes better!
  • Haven’t decided if this is a lighter note or not, but it looks like we will be staying in our house a bit longer after all. We met with a Realtor the other day, and got a little more information about the market in our area. We were optimistic about the number of for-sale houses in our neighborhood that had sold recently, what we didn’t realize is just how many of them were bank owned. Pretty much all of them. One had the same exact floor plan as ours and sold for 76,000. Are you kidding me???? Seventy-six thousand dollars ???? That’s just a little more than half what we paid four years ago. And we got a really good deal at the time! Anyways, houses are selling again at least, which is good, but there isn’t much point trying to compete with all the bank owned houses still on the market. Once they clear out a bit we’ll give it another go… At least we’re not in a position where we have  to move, we just want to move. (And really, with all those bank-owned houses being bought as rentals, I think our desire to move is only going to increase rapidly!) We still have our eyes open for a good deal on some land though.

Okay, this is getting awfully rambly (is that a word?) fast… I think I need to get some sleep!


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