Munchkin goes swimming

We have been so busy the past few weeks: Church stuff, house stuff, relatives… We haven’t had much time just too spend with each other as a family, so Saturday we left our crazy lives behind for a relaxing and much needed hike. It’s amazing how just getting away from civilization for a few hours can leave you so refreshed! To top it off, the weather has actually been unseasonably pleasant for hiking in Arkansas in July. We went to King’s River Falls, a spot we’ve been to several times and a spot that we’ll keep returning to. It’s just one of those extra-special places:-) Munchkin slept the whole way out to the falls (if you could really call it “the falls” in dry July…ha!) in his cozy Mai Tei carrier, but woke up for a little swim and a picnic at the end. The water was a little cold, but Munchkin didn’t seem to mind too much. Actually, I think it bothered me more!

I think I’m finally catching back up with life after having my Mom here (sorry, Mom:-) and then being out of town myself for a couple of weeks. I’ve actually had a little time for some projects (pictures to come…) and gotten a lot done around the house to prepare to put it on the market (later this week!!) We’ll see how that goes… wouldn’t it be great if it sold really quickly and we could finally get our little bit of land in the country???? I really want Munchkin to be able to grow up in the country with animals and room to roam and explore.


we’re hoping to be settled back in somewhere by the time Munchkin is one year old (or hopefully sooner!) so that we can pick back up where we left off with the foster care licensing. If nothing happens with the house by then, we’ll probably just stay where we are for a few years until we have it paid off (won’t be too long- we’re on the Dave plan:-) then revisit the idea of moving later.

Like I said, we’ll see. Fingers crossed!:-)


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