Did I ever mention that I hate health insurance???

It’s a love/hate thing. I mean, I’m awfully glad we have it, especially since so many people don’t. But I hate that we HAVE to have it. That health care costs are so out of control hat we are basically forced to participate in a system that totally sucks. I could go on all day about my opinions about lots of things surrounding health insurance/health care, but….
The specific issue that has me seething today is a letter I recieved stating that visits to my endocrinologist and family doctor (who also serves as Munchkin’s pediatrician) will no longer be covered because the hospital they are both at is no longer “in network.” If you have been following me long, you probably remember that it took me FOREVER to finally find a family doctor, and that I was so frustrated that I actually switched when I was almost 8 months pregnant, and that there are only two endocrinologists in our area and one of them, the only one I can now see with our insurance, is the endocrinologist from HELL.


So where is all the “choice” that we supposedly have in our healthcare system right now???? Cause I really don’t see it…. (that question is for you, dad:-)

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5 thoughts on “Did I ever mention that I hate health insurance???

  1. Oh I am so sorry!

    I can commiserate with your feelings for sure. I tell you I wish I never had to see a doctor again. My doctor makes me get my thyroid levels checked every 2-3 mo. and it costs us an arm and a leg. Ugh. But, you know Rx do come in handy esp. when you want to have a little energy. So I submit to the system.

    I hope you can work something better out…have you thought of traveling a little farther to see a different endocrinologist? I just see my regular MD. He isn’t the greatest but he is okay. He gives a lot of miss-information about vaccines unfortunately though. We have read Dr. Sears book and thankfully knew better than to take everything he said as the truth.

  2. Hi Jodean,

    I have been following your blog for a while (sorry I’m a lurker)and am wondering if I can have your password. I came across your blog by way of 2 other adoption related blogs – my cousin’s (myminivanrocks.wordpress.com) and also goodhappenings.com.

    I love reading about all the crafty stuff you have been making for the baby (loved the diaper bag and diaper covers).

    I’m also a mom to my 2 year old son.

  3. Hey Jodean,

    I love seeing all your new pics of Miles! He is so cute! I also am working on the diaper covers, using your pattern. ( I have 3 finished so far! I will be posting pics on facebook.)I even tried your recipe for all purpose cleaner. It works pretty good! We are also huge Dave Ramsey fans! Anyways, wondering if I could have your password.

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