5 months, and some blog changes

Wow. Life has been a little too crazy for blogging lately! The most immediate reason for my bad blogging is that Munchkin decided a couple of weeks ago that he only likes 15 minute naps (although he really needs an hour or he’s a cranky-butt).  Actually, there are several reasons for my bad blogging…but I’ll get into that later.

For now, here’s an update on the little man at 5 months:

  • never stays where I put him anymore…loves to roll and scoot himself around on the floor
  • decided OVERNIGHT that he can sit completely unsupported for 5 minutes or so at a time
  • likes to chew on his toes
  • still nurses great, and has been slowly getting used to a few other foods as well
  • LOVES sweet potatoes, bananas, and rice cereal… not so much avocados
  • still jabbers all the time, especially in the car where he is amused at the way the vibrations alter his voice
  • has a new fascination with faces and loves to grab at noses, lips, eyes, etc…
  • enjoys being outside while mama works in the garden
  • uses his potty 4 or 5 times a day (We are casually attempting EC with him. I think he would use even more frequently if I were more consistent about taking him. I am really amazed at how quickly he caught on!)
  • has discovered that he can stick out his tongue, and attempts to mimic facial expressions
  • has discovered what fun it is to pull on cat tails
  • sleeps incredibly well at night, despite his recent poor napping habits (I will mention that he has been doing somewhat better with the naps the past few days since he figured out he likes sleeping on his tummy)
  • Is getting much better with the hand-eye coordination thing and putting EVERYTHING in his mouth

I can’t imagine our lives without our little Munchkin. He is such a blessing and so much fun! He is literally learning something new each day, and definitely keeps me on my toes!

Keeping up with a demanding baby has certainly put a damper on my blogging. And on top of that, we are trying to get our house ready to put on the market (within a week or two!) That’s right, we are really close to actually making the move! That means all the little projects that we haven’t gotten around to need to be finished (trim pieces that were never put in after we put in our laminate flooring, touching up paint on cabinets and walls, fixing squeaky hinges, tidying up the shrubs and trees, etc..) Housing is really starting to pick up in our area (at least with cheaper entry-level homes like ours) so we are hoping to be able to sell our home and buy some land before land prices go back up too much. We’ve got our eyes on 5 acres a little ways out of town and a little old (60s) fixer-upper house. It would actually put us a few years closer to being completely debt free as well. We’ll see. If this one doesn’t work out, there are some other options out there. And we’ve always got the camper if we find land without a house, although I think that might get old fast! Definitely motivation to build something quickly:-)

One more thing to mention: I am planning to revamp my blog/flickr over the next week or so so that pictures and more personal posts about my family are password protected. Not-so-personal family posts will just have names changed. It will take me a while to get this done, and I will leave up a message for a while so that anyone who wants the password that I know and trust, either irl or through blogging, can leave a comment. Once I get everything set up, I will send out an email to everyone who left a comment with the new password.

I know it is a pain to keep up with a bunch of passwords, and I don’t know how many people are even checking in anymore since I haven’t been posting very consistantly… but please bear with me. I love being able to share updates with friends and family, but I really think it is important, especially as Munchkin gets older, to limit the amount of personal information that is out there in cyberspace. So I am trying to strike a balance. I will be posting (planning to, anyways!) plenty of non-protected posts about day-to-day stuff, artsy-craftsy stuff, hiking, photography etc…  that doesn’t contain personal information, so by all means, keep checking back! Even if you don’t want to worry about the password.

For now, here’s one last picture of the handsome little guy for all to enjoy, no password required:-)

9 thoughts on “5 months, and some blog changes

  1. Oh that’s great you’ve been finding ec’ing working for Miles. They are so fast to catch on–it’s amazing. I think that contributed to Michaela sitting up at 5 months also. It is pretty early for sitting up. Congrats to Miles!

    Oh and I would love to receive a password.

  2. Hi! I look forward to continuing to stay in touch with you even if it meant that I needed to enter a password!

    Love ya!

  3. I would love to keep up with you also. I don’t post but started following you when you were on your adoption journey and I was trying to talk husband into adopting from there. We have two daughters from china. I love your and would love to be included.
    Cathy Shealy – Dillon mom to two from china

  4. I know exactly what you mean about password protection. I only have a facebook but I’m on the verge of taking down all of Katie’s pictures. There are just too many people out there that might see her name and face and run into her and be able to pretend they know her. I would like to be able to keep up with you and Miles if you’d like.

  5. Keep me in the loop! Send me the password. That’s so great that you are doing EC. I wish we lived closer, we seem to have a lot of similar ideas about kids and parenting. I don’t know too many people around here that are very crunchy. I’ve already got a stash of cloth diapers for my future foster babies!

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