goodbye teaching, hello motherhood! (and a four month update)

Munchkin will be four months old tomorrow! Growing up too fast 😦 I think he has changed more this past month than the first three months combined! He smiles and jabbers ALL the time, and is starting to stay awake much more during the day. He is still the BEST nighttime sleeper EVER though, and can sleep for 9-11 hrs straight at night. When he does wake up at night (a couple of times a week), he just eats and goes right back to sleep. He’s still doing great with the breastfeeding, and I’m not in any rush to introduce him to solids anytime soon. I figure that as long as he’s happy and growing, breastmilk is the best nutrition he can possibly be getting. Speaking of growing, he is getting huge! I haven’t weighed him in a while (his 4 month checkup is tomorrow) but he’s mostly in 3-6 or even 6-9 month clothes.

hmmm… what else?

He can sit pretty well with just a little support (holding my fingers) and can put weight on his legs and bounce. And he’s wiggly! I get the feeling that as soon as he’s mobile, I’m going to be chasing him!

Oh, and he loves to watch tv. We just have an antenna, so we don’t watch much tv, but sometimes I have it on for background noise when I’m home by myself with Munchkin. He has gotten where he cranes his neck every time I carry him past the tv, just to catch a glimpse. Yikes!  We’ll have to break him of that! I’ve been trying to use NPR or multicultural music cds from the library as background noise instead, and he does seem to enjoy music.

Munchkin is getting ready for his first big road trip on Saturday! Now that school is out, My mom and I (and the 2 kiddos!) will be driving back to Wyoming (via South Dakota to see grandparents) for my cousin’s wedding. It’s a 17 hr drive if we drive straight through, but we’ll break it into 2 days since we have the kiddos. Wish us luck! I am so excited for Munchkin to finally meet his great-grandparents and extended family!

I was at school all day yesterday packing up and getting my room ready for the new art teacher (congrats, Jen!). It was such a bittersweet time for me. My school is the best, and I am going to miss the kiddos and my fabulous co-workers terribly. I dwadled and took my sweet time packing because I knew I would cry like a big baby the moment I left, and I did. I am I so excited and grateful to be able to stay home with Munchkin, and I know that I can always go back to teaching someday, but it’s still hard to say goodbye.

I don’t know the first thing about starting up a business (work-from-home and mama friendly, of course), but I think I am planning to devote my summer to learning. I would really, really love to use my experience and education to teach private art lessons, either to homeschooled kids or those who just want a little more art than public school provides. I’m not looking to replace my teaching income, but I think it would be a fun way to continue doing what I love without taking away from my time as mom. And I have always thought it would be wonderful to work with kids in a small group or one-on-one setting as opposed to sometimes 30+ in public school. There is so much I could do with a smaller group that I just wasn’t able to do with that many kiddos! Anyways, it’s an idea that I’ve been tossing around for a while now… I’ve also dabbled a bit with selling stuff on Etsy (sewing, knitting), and even thought of trying to make a little as a photographer since I’m always taking pictures for people anyways, but I just don’t enjoy selling my work nearly as much as giving it as a gifts. Kinda ruins it for me… I’ll probably keep doing the Etsy thing if only to support my habit and keep from ending up with piles of handmade stuff that I don’t need (making things can be an obsession for some of us:-), but I just don’t enjoy it enough to try to make a business of it.

Anyways, that’s just some stuff I’ve been thinking about lately. We’ll see where it leads!


2 thoughts on “goodbye teaching, hello motherhood! (and a four month update)

  1. Aw what a CUTIE! : ) Isn’t this stage fun! Oh and I bet he will be sitting up before you know it! I remember being shocked at how quick Michaela learned how to do it. Enjoy every moment!

    That would be so neat for you to teach art privately. Art, creativity and beauty are such important parts of life!

  2. Glad for the update! So excited that you are getting to go home for a while! I hope you can soak up every minute! will miss seeing you and Miles immediately when I get to NWARK – but am glad you’ll be with family up North. Oh… he’s so I mean handsome. Home business idea sounds awesome! I wouldn’t have thought about the homeschool angle – great idea. I won’t likely be able to wish you well again before you go – so blessings on your trip and safety to your traveling.

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