It occurred to me…

…that I never posted any pictures of the new sling that I finished (actually about 3 weeks ago:-)

So, here it is:


(Sorry it looks a little wrinkled in the picture… I had it wadded up in the diaper bag)

This one is made of teal linen with wool embroidery along the edge. This was my first real attempt at embroidery, and I love how it turned out!

A sling like this one is probably my favorite baby gear that we own. Ring slings are actually very easy to make and extremely versatile. I carried Munchkin in one as a six and half pound newborn (when he was still to small for most other types of carriers), and should still be able to carry him in it as a toddler. I have started carrying him on my hip in it since this picture was taken because he is really holding his head up well. Some moms who are more coordinated than I are actually able to breastfeed while carrying their baby in the sling… haven’t mastered that one yet 🙂 Although, it does make a handy cover-up when nursing in public if you don’t happen to have a blanket with you. I have carried Munchkin in the sling while I am working around the house, at the store, hiking (for several miles!), at church, etc… It takes only a few seconds to put him in or out since there aren’t a lot of straps and buckles and such to adjust, and it fits perfectly every time.  Munchkin went through a fussy spell at about three weeks when he wouldn’t let me put him down for a second, and the sling was a lifesaver! Even now, it is nice to be able to hold him close to me rather than always sticking him in a bouncy seat or swing.


One thought on “It occurred to me…

  1. Hello! That sling looks great! I’ve just found your blog, and have been enjoying reading it, so thought I should comment 🙂 I just had my first baby – a beautiful boy – three weeks ago today! We’re going through the fussy three week stage, so it’s been fun to see all the wonderful things that are coming up 🙂

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