Why I am glad I only have to be a working mom for 5 more days…

… it sucks!

This is how my day went yesterday:

Get up at 4:30 am. Attempt to feed baby, then pump after trying unsuccessfully for ten minutes to wake him (did I mention how much I HATE pumping???). Get ready for school. Leave home at 6:00 sharp so I can swing by Walmart to pick up pipe cleaners (which I thought I needed, but actually had plenty of). Arrive at school by 6:50ish and attempt to get a few things done (that I am behind on because I now spend pretty much all of my planning period and lunch pumping) before my bright-and-early 7:15 breakfast duty. End-of-the-year crazy kiddos all day(200 of  them), then stay for a faculty meeting after school until 4:30. Or 5:00, since it ran a little long. Stop by the store to pick up milk, hit the horrible evening traffic, and finally make it home at almost 6:30; a mere twelve and a half hours after I left. Leftovers for supper while I feed a cranky, hungry baby (one handed!) who, after eating, promptly falls asleep for the night. 7:30. Yeah. I got to spend whole hour with him. Oh, and then I fall asleep on the couch myself at around 8:00. Wake up and do it all again this morning.  This is no way to raise a child…

Seriously, I would give up my house for a dumpy apartment, live on dried beans, and drive an old junker or even bicycle before I would do this long term.


I could go on and on about my views regarding families who choose to have two working parents and let someone else  raise their kids for them, but somebody’s bound to get offeneded. So I won’t.

Maybe someday I’ll try to write something nice and non-offensive, and polictally correct on the subject. Right now I’m just too worn out from my day as a working mom:-)


7 thoughts on “Why I am glad I only have to be a working mom for 5 more days…

  1. hey, I’m glad your working days are coming to an end. about the pumping, it’s weird for me to, but I don’t hate it…I just feel like a milk cow. Do you have a good pump? I have a Medela double pump and it’s awesome. Luckily for you you won’t have to pump much longer. I would love to stay home with Katie longer but I’m going to have to go back to work by September, I might be able to push it back farther, we’ll see…

  2. Yes, being a working mom is HARD! Unfortunately I have to work some to keep food on the table, but luckily I’m not away very long from River (read: short hours 🙂 I couldn’t do it otherwise! Now I can’t even believe I once thought I would go back to work full time once River was home (pre-baby days, of course).

    I’m glad you only have 5 days left. Good luck!

  3. Sorry you are having such a difficult time pumping. I was always able to get 2 bottles in half of my lunch period. Do you often have meetings until that late? Our teachers would never go for that! Seems like a REALLY long day!! Teaching is a wonderful job for a working parent. My position is even better than my husband’s!

  4. The pumping goes alright but, like Abby says, it just makes you feel like a cow! And it’s nothing like nursing your little one:-( Teaching IS probably one of the best jobs out there foe a working parent, especially one with school aged kids. And don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job! But I know I can always return to teaching later… I will only have this time with Miles once. Stephen and I have worked very hard for many years to make it possible for one of us to stay home, and I really feel that this is what is best for my child.

    Oh, and the meetings are just on Mondays, and usually only last till 4:30. I gues I did make it sound pretty bad 🙂

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