Just in case anyone is still checking in to see what I have been up to and not just looking for new pictures of Munchkin, I thought I would give an overview of a few of the projects I have been working on. What? You didn’t think I had time for projects anymore? 🙂

Seedlings getting ready for the garden (tomatoes, peppers, marigolds, mint, lavender, and basil):

I’m not putting anything out until midway through the month because, well, I learned my lesson a couple of years ago! Good thing too, because it is supposed to freeze tonight…  Oh, and my husband is busting out part of our patio for me so that I have room to plant everything. Such a sweetie! (for those that don’t know, our yard is mostly concrete patio)

The other day I got a hankerin for some new potholders:

Potholders are one fairly mindless project I can do while Munchkin nurses 🙂 Plus, I had a bunch of cotton scraps that needed used up…

I told Stephen I was a hobby short this month (he gives me a hard time about starting something new before I finish the old projects!), so I checked out a library book on crewel work embroidery and set out to learn:

This paisley design is along the edge of a linen ring-sling that I have been working on to replace the fairly ugly one I have been using.

Oh, and doesn’t Munchkin look adorable in his new diaper covers???

I made several of them a few weeks ago, and this week replaced the elastic in all of them. The old elastic was pilling really bad because of the velcro, so I upgraded to a better quality elastic. uhg… I hate ripping out stitches! A few of you have asked about how I made the diaper covers, so I am also working on a tutorial for them… stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Projects

  1. As always your projects look great. I love the potholders. Glad to see that your cloth diapering is working so well too! We are coming down this week for Easter and the arrival of my new nephew, so maybe we’ll be able to stop by and visit.

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