Hello, World!


4/52: hello, world!

Munchkin and mama


5/52: Munchkin, one week old

napping with daddy

Wow! The past few days have certainly been a whirlwind… today is already Miles’ fourth day with us! Have I already mentioned how amazing he is?!? 🙂 Right now he is napping with Daddy (we had a very long night last night!) so I thought I would take advantage of the time to write down his birth story while it is still fresh in my memory.

I hardly slept at all Tuesday night, I just didn’t feel well. By 4 am Wednesday, I was pretty sure that the pains I was feeling were contractions, but they were still about 7-9 minutes apart and just moderately uncomfortable. I actually got up and got ready for work- I think I was in denial because our due date was still 11 days away! By 10 am or so, the contractions were starting to get pretty bad. Fortunately my 5th graders aren’t too much trouble, so I just had them get out some supplies and work. I left work as soon as my last class was finished at 10:45 and started timing the contractions in the car. They were alot closer than I thought- about 3 minutes, and I really shouldn’t have been driving! We left for the hospital as soon as I got home, and by this time my back was killing me with each contraction. I was so discouraged to find out when we arrived that I was only fingertip dialated and they sent me back home. We spent all afternoon at home with contractions 2 minutes apart that were too intense to even walk or talk through, and went back to the hospital at around 6 thinking for sure it was now time. Nope. Still just fingertip dialated, but they did keep me since it was pretty obvious that how intese the contractions were. This is where I am glad we ended up switching hospitals, because instead of hooking me up to an IV and fetal monitor right away, they gave me a hep-lock instead  and let me walk up and down the halls and move around. 11 pm came and went and I learned I was dialated to one. One. The on-call doctor came in and told me that he thought I was experiencing false labor, and it would probably die out by morning. The nurse, in an attempt to make me feel better, said I might be in early labor, and my baby would probably arrive in a couple of days. That was probably the most difficult part of the labor for me. I was so discouraged. And exhausted. My contractions were still 2-3 minutes apart and lasting about one minute so I barely had a break from them. Although I didn’t know it at the time, I learned later that Miles was face up and the pain I was feeling in my back was back labor. I just started bawling. I didn’t think I could do it anymore. I could tell it really uspet Stephen to see me so discouraged. The nurse suggested I take an Ambien and try to get some rest in case labor dragged on for a while, and I reluctantly agreed even though my hope was a completely drug-free birth. The Ambien was awful! I would never, never take it if I could go back. Not only did it NOT help me sleep, it also made me hallucinate and kept me in bed because I was too spaced out to walk. I really don’t remember much else about Wednesday night, but thankfully the Ambien started to wear off by morning and I at least felt coherent again. It also stregthened my reslove to not have any more drugs during the labor- I didn’t want anything clouding my memory of my first moments with my child.

At 6, my doctor finally came in and I was dialated to 2-ish. I started to get upset again, but he did a much better job of encouraging me than the on-call doc had the night before, so with renewed confidence I got up and started walking again to try to get things going. I also discovered that a birth ball is AWESOME for back labor! The confidence and moving around paid off, and whem my doctor checked back on me at 8 am, just two hours later, I was dialated to seven! He broke my water and everything started moving really fast. The pain was really intesnse at this point, but it felt totally doable now that I wasn’t so frustrated. Knowing what was at the other end made it all worthwhile, and Stephen was such a great support! Before I knew it, I felt like I could barely control the need to push, and my doctor (who had just left!) was called right back. I pushed for about 20 minutes or so and Miles was born at 9:33 am (Sunny-side up and causing a fourth-degree tear. Quite an entrance for such a tiny little guy!) I was actually supposed to have a prenatal checkup with the doctor at 9:30 that morning, so Miles showed up right on time!

Miles was placed on my chest immediately, and I swear the world stood still for a moment. He wasn’t even cleaned up yet, but his was the most beautiful face I had ever seen! He got to stay with us for a good two hours and had a chance to start breastfeeding before he was taken to the nursery to be all checked over. We had a few issues with the breastfeeding at first because his stomach was full of amniotic fluid and he kept spitting up, but since then he is nursing like a champ! Now if we can just get through the engorgement problem that started last night :-0 Ouch!

Now I have the most beautiful little miracle sleeping on my lap. I get so emotional and teary every time I look at his little face. Seriously. I just start bawling:-) I can’t believed how blessed we are to have Miles in our lives now!

9 thoughts on “Hello, World!

    Cool cloths help with the pain. Then sometimes you need warm to let down, but my hungry baby always did OK for me in that area! You could also pump a little to help with the over fullness. Cool cabbage leaves are THE best also! Enjoy all of these precious little moments…and SLEEP when you can!!

  2. Thanks for the advice, Dawn! The lactation consultant recommended cabbage leaves, and they really have helped! Miles just seems to have trouble latching on very well when I am so swollen, and he’s been getting really frustrated. We’re working on it though!

  3. AH!! i am so very happy for you jodean!! thanks for sharing his amazing birth story!

    he is absolutely beautiful…and you, my friend, are a champ!!

    i am so happy for you guys! enjoy your first days as a MOMMY!!

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