12 days!!!!

Can you believe there are just 12 days left until Baby’s due date?!?!  Yikes! I’m really starting to get excited now! Been trying to get some last minute stuff done… installing the carseat, packing the hospital bag, ordering some newborn diaper covers (because I don’t think the ones I made are going to fit until Baby fattens up a bit!), last minute preparations for my sub at work…

Speaking of work, my back is killing me after being on my feet all day! After missing so much school with the ice storm, I really wasn’t prepared for how tired/sore I would be when we started again on Monday. I’m glad there is just one more week of this (or possibly less?) before I take off for my maternity leave!

Oh, and my belly button is officially gone now. Maybe even popped out a little. And just when I thought my belly couldn’t possibly stretch any more…

3 thoughts on “12 days!!!!

  1. jodean, just a suggestion but the carseat can be trickier to properly install than you think. all police stations have an officier trained in instaling carseats and they do this for free. we put ours in according to the directions and it was wrong for our vehicle! the police officier did it for us in less than 5 minutes and told us that 97 percent of carseats aren’t installed correctly. just a suggestion, take it or leave it. good luck on your last few days.

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