37 1/2 weeks

Stephen went with me to my appointment today so that he could meet the doctor, and we had a really good talk with him about our birth plan. Before I met this doctor, all I had heard was that all doctors hate birth plans, but he actually suggested that we come up with one. Have I mentioned that I LOVE my new doctor???  cause I do… He always tries to make sure my questions are answered and is so encouraging/reassuring about the birth process. I totally think I can do this whole natural childbirth thing after talking with him!  I know that emergency situations do come up from time to time, but I have no doubt that if one does, he will make sure that we know what is going on and what our options are. I think Stephen really liked him too:-)

As for the checkup… still nothing. I thought for sure all these crazy braxton hicks contractions I have been have were doing something, but nope. nothing. Baby seems to be doing great though. A good strong heartbeat and lots of wiggling around. Oh, and hiccups:-) Baby has been having them a lot lately…

Maybe it is cabin fever because of  the storm, or maybe I have just reached that point in the pregnancy when I am starting to feel restless. I have tons of projects and stuff to do before Baby arrives, I just don’t feel like starting any of it. I want to meet Baby now! Sigh. I guess I can wait a couple more weeks if I have to:-)

Here are my 37 (and a half!) week pictures, in front of what remains of our birch tree:

And some more belly pics I took just for fun when the power went out again this afternoon and I had nothing better to do:

Hope you are all staying warm!


5 thoughts on “37 1/2 weeks

  1. It sounds like the storm didn’t stop you guys for too long. We thought we got it bad, but I’ve been saying lots of prayers for your part of the Ozarks. Love the new pictures!

  2. Thanks, Kim!
    Ha! I think the only reason it looks like we have so much natural light is that the light reflecting off the solid sheet of ice outside that was once our tree was BRIGHT! Much brighter than it usually is in our living room…

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