Won’t be long now…

In just one short week, Baby will be considedered “full term.” We are down to less than one month now until the due date. To think that we could be parents so soon is crazy, overwhelming, and so incredibly exciting! What an amazing gift this little life is!

I think that Baby may have started to drop a little this week. I’m not sure how to tell for sure, all I know is that I have been feeling different. Actually, I have been feeling somewhat more comfortable lately with the exception of a bit of pressure low in my pelvis, and many more frequent, sudden trips to the bathroom 🙂 I haven’t felt as much kicking right under my ribs, haven’t felt quite as out-of-breath, and my back has been much less sore.  I even managed to shave my legs this morning after about three or four weeks of the “natural look” (sorry if that is tmi!) without feeling like it was some icredible acrobatic feat to bend over. I will find out later this week (on my birthday!) if I have started to dialate or efface yet… I know that we may still have several weeks left, but I definitely am starting to get anxious (in a good way) about Baby’s arrival.

Here’s a picture from this afternoon at exactly 36 weeks:

The red, puffy eyes and nose are nothing pregnancy-related; just the lingering symptoms of a cold my students so graciously shared with me this week. Ahh, teaching can be so much fun…

In other getting-ready-for-baby news, Stephen and I took an infant CPR class this week. Yikes, I sure hope we never have to use what we learned! Ididn’t realize that infant chest compressions were supposed to be so strong.

Don’t forget, there is still time to enter Baby’s Birthdate and Gender Pool if you haven’t already done so!

2 thoughts on “Won’t be long now…

  1. I cannot get over how it looks like the only place you have gained weight is your belly! I bet you are going to be one of those lucky women who go right back to your old clothes after the baby is born! You go girl!

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