Happy New Year, and Baby’s Birthdate Pool

Yesterday when Stephen asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate New Year’s Eve, my response was, “Let’s just go to bed early… 2009 will arrive whether we are awake or not.”  I fell asleep on the couch at about 9 pm 🙂 Ahhh…. nothing like pregnancy to put a damper on the festivities!

The last couple of weeks have been fun but crazy! I don’t think the holidays have ever worn me out quite like they did this year. We had a wonderful Christmas (well, three actually) with Stephen’s family. I missed seing my family this year, but it is always nicer to visit Wyoming in the summer anyways when the weather is a little more hospitable! This week I have been trying to tie up some loose ends on my maternity leave sub lessons, but have been doing more procrastination than actual work. I HATE coming up with sub lessons! One day’s worth is bad enough, but now I need 12 WEEKS worth. And I need to spend some time in my classroom organizing as well so that the sub can actually find supplies and such. Sigh. I know I’m going to love the time home with Baby though!

Speaking of Baby, he or she will be considered full term in less than 3 1/2 more weeks!!!! Part of me wants to meet Baby as soon as possible, but another part (the more practical part) knows it is best for baby to hang out the full 6 1/2 weeks till his/her due date, or even a little beyond, so that I will have fewer weeks at the end of the school year when I have to return from my maternity leave. I am already dreading those few weeks…

So when do you think Baby will arrive? And will Baby be a boy or a girl? I am going to start a birthdate and gender pool (with a prize for the closest guesser!), so just leave a comment sometime before Baby arrives telling me what you think! Here is some info to get the ball rolling: My actual due date (40 weeks), according to the doctor, is February 15th and baby’s development seems to be right on track with that. But, only 3% of babies actually arrive on the due date. Chances are that Baby will arrive some time betweek January 25th (37 weeks) and March 1 (42 weeks). That’s quite a span of time!

And if you are into wives tales for the gender: I experienced almost no morning sickness whatsoever, my skin has cleared up considerably, according to most of the comments I get, I am carrying the baby “low” and don’t even look pregnant from the back. My “gut” feeling about the baby’s gender has changed several times over the course of the pregnancy, but right now I am leaning towards boy…

Here’s a picture at 33 1/2 weeks to help you out as well:

Please excuse the hair and frumpy clothes… I am on vacation after all!

And here is the prize you are competing for:

 I cut out pattern pieces for two of these when I started so I would have a “practice” one, but they both turned out, so I will be passing one of them on to the lucky winner!  The little elephant will go to the commenter who correctly guesses Baby’s gender AND is closest to Baby’s arrival date. Oh yes, and this should go without saying, but if you do leave a comment, make sure I have some way of getting ahold of you if you win (email, blog link, etc…) Good Luck!


6 thoughts on “Happy New Year, and Baby’s Birthdate Pool

  1. You’ve been right along with me the whole time–every symptom, or lack thereof, and all of the physical characteristics, so I’m going to say that Baby is a boy and you’ll finally get to meet him on February 24.

    The elephant is so cute! I’ve got green, yellow, and polka dots in our nursery, so I know he would be a perfect addition.

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