31 weeks

I can’t believe we are so close to meeting our little one! Some days it seems like another 6 to 11 weeks will fly by before we know it, and other days just seem to crawl… I just can’t stop thinking about this kid! Seriously, I don’t think more than a few minutes ever pass that Baby is not on my mind. I have started to get really scatterbrained at work lately:-) The kids at school are so excited, and I think they have all figured it out by now, but every once in a while I still get a few funny comments. Today one of my first graders looked at me kind of funny and asked, “What, is under your shirt, Mrs. B?!?!” And of course they all want to touch my belly and talk to it… One of my kindergarteners gets really upset if the class is noisy because he is afraid they will wake the baby. And he is one of the most talkative of the bunch!

I have an appointment with the new doctor next Monday, and I am super excited about meeting him! I was finally able to get a copy of my records from the old clinic Friday afternoon, and rushed them up to the clinic in Rogers just before it closed. I really didn’t expect to hear back until today, but he actually called me on Saturday morning! He seemed really nice and genuinely interested in answering my (many) questions. Definitely got a good vibe about him anyways, and felt good (and relieved!) about his answers to my questions. This is a huge weight off my shoulders! I am still thinking I will probably hire a doula, and have been contacting a few. As the big day draws near, I am definitely getting nervous about labor. I have been planning from the start to try for a drug-free birth, and have been really surprised at the number of people who have either tried to discourage me from it, or flat out told me that I would give in and take the drugs. Seriously folks, if you can’t say something encouraging, don’t say anything at all:-) Anyways, I am still committed to at least TRY for a natural birth, and I think a supportive, encouraging doula would help alot. Not that I don’t think Stephen will be helpful… but even a paper-cut makes him queasy:-)

I will try to take another belly picture tomorrow and update this post. I think I have really grown since the last one, and my belly sticks straight out. I don’t even look the slightest bit pregnant from behind! It is really starting to look out of proportion with my scrawny legs and arms:-) I love it though!

I have also been feeling Baby move a LOT more recently. Almost non-stop some days. I think we may have a wild one on our hands… As uncomfortable as it can get when I am trying to sleep or something, I am greatful for every time I feel his/her reassuring movements. I always heard people say it is the most amazing feeling, and it truly is. I don’t even know how to discribe it. I just love this little one so much already!

Well, I should be off to bed. The pumpkin bars I have been waiting on are out of the oven now, and 5 am comes awfully early…


4 thoughts on “31 weeks

  1. thanks for the update…can’t wait to “meet” the little one.

    i didn’t go natural…but, i know you can do it!! i have lots of friends that have. i think if you really want to do it, you can. i just took the easy way out 🙂

  2. so glad that the new Dr is willing to answer your questions – especially on a Saturday! Can’t wait to see the new pics! And if you want to go natural…. then I’m all for it! I’m hoping to do the same when my time comes. May the labor be short! 🙂

  3. When I was ten I was in the delivery room with my sister – she had an epidural and was doing great, no screams or anything. I heard the lady down the hall without epidural screaming like someone was stabbing her with a knife. From that point forward I always knew I would go with the epidural. I personally didn’t see the need to go “natural,” so I had an epidural both times.
    I think if anyone can do it without the meds, though, it’s you. You seem to be one of the most determined people I know. Good luck!

  4. You can totally do it without medication barring any emergencies or problems arising (and they most likely won’t happen) 🙂 and a doula I am sure will help so much! Remember your body was made to do this and seriously the contractions only last for a short amount of time and you get a break and if you relax in between that helps so much. It will be an amazing experience for you I am sure! Totally worth it and thrilling! I think the best advice I can give is relax and vocalize during labor as much as possible and get a lot of rest before it. Just focus on getting through one contraction and before you know it your baby will be out. Labor felt so much shorter than it was for me. I thought it was like 3 hours long. It had been more than that but it felt really short! 🙂

    Take care sorry to ramble!

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