feeling better…

I spent all day yesterday trying to dig up info, and am feeling much better today. I found out that Birth Network National has a local chapter in our area, and they were very helpful in providing me with information about Doulas and mother-friendly doctors in the area. I even have a few leads on a really good family practice doc in Rogers that delivers… 🙂 I’ve got my fingers crossed that he is taking on new patients!!!  And I do think that I will hire a Doula as well… especially if I am not able to switch hospitals. Some of the info that I found confirmed that this particular hospital has a reputation of being the least mother-friendly in the area, although I have also heard that is has improved a little recently. One doula that I spoke with told me that every client she has had who was planning on going there switched after they started asking more questions… So I wasn’t just paranoid or hormonal after all 🙂

If you are pregnant and in NW Arkansas, please check out the Birth Network of NW Arkansas


6 thoughts on “feeling better…

  1. Hey! I just thought I would drop you a few lines and let you know about our experiences.

    We had Clayton at Washington Regional. I HAD to have both of our little ones natural because I am allergic to most all of the pain medications that they use. With Clayton I had to have an IV drip because I tested positive for group B strep. The doctor that delivered him there was WONDERFUL. She listened to everything I told her, and was very good with everything. My water broke at 6:30am, we got to the hospital at 7:30am, and Clayton was born at 11:15am…he was also 3 weeks early. He was healthy, happy, and the only bad part was that we had to stay in the hospital an extra day. He came so fast that we didn’t get all the group B strep meds that we should have while I was in delivery, and they needed to monitor him. Other than that we had a really good experience there.

    Sydney was born the week of her due date. We had her at Willow Creek, and things were really good there too. I had a problem with one of the doctors because when I saw her she told me I would want pain meds/epidural. I told her I couldn’t becuase I had an allergy, and she said “Well, you will want SOMETHING.” So, the day I had Sydney I told the doctor that was on call that I didn’t want her to deliver my baby, and I told him why. He was very nice about it, and things ended up going very well. Overall we had a great experience there too.

    I think the only reason they won’t let you have anything by mouth except for ice chips is because they don’t want you to throw up during labor. I had a friend that threw up during labor, and she said it was AWFUL.

    I also know a girl who had a doula for all three of her deliveries, and she said it was a HUGE help. She said she would never do it differently.

    To each his own though. I think a mother knows when something is wrong, and I think mothers intuition is very REAL. When I was delivering Sydney I kept telling the doctor there was something wrong, and that I needed to start pushing. They kept telling me to wait because I wasn’t fully dilated, and I continued to tell them something was wrong and I needed to push. They listened to me, and helped me, and when she was delivered a few minutes later the cord was wrapped around her neck and she was a little purple. Who knows what would have happend if they hadn’t listened to me. But they did. I guess the purpose behind all my rambling is to tell you to listen to your Mommy voice in your head. If something doesn’t feel right you will know. I will be praying for you guys, that you have a good delivery and everything goes smoothly. Sorry I rambled. I have a tendency to do that. 🙂

  2. Kim-
    Thanks for sharing your experience! I guess my main concern with Willow Creek is that there are SO many doctors, and I am forced to rotate between them without knowing which one will be on call during my delivery. Some I have liked (although I really don’t know that much about them after meeting them for only 15 minutes or less), and some (I’m guessing the same one you had issues with!) I haven’t. Actually, there are more than one there that I would rather not have deliver my baby… It is just hard to trust someone with something as important as the birth of your child if you don’t even know them. I can’t imagine why any practice would think it is a good idea to have maternity patients rotating through NINE different doctors… If I am unable to switch and have to give birth there, I will make the most of it. But if I can switch, I think it is something that I really need to look into. I have heard from several sources now that Mercy in Rogers is the best place around to have a hospital birth… and I would know who my doctor was going to be, which is a huge priority to me. Honestly, I would have preferred a home birth, but couldn’t find a midwife who would take me with my hypothyroidism! ahh, well…

    About throwing up during labor, I am sure it is awful, but sometimes it happens. Unless you had a ridiculously long labor, chances are that your stomach won’t be empty anyways. I mean, you just never know when labor is going to start… it could start right after supper! If you aren’t even allowed water, then you HAVE to be on the IV, which reduces mobility, etc… Aspiration is only really a risk (and not a very big one) if you are under general anesthesia for a c-section, which rarely happens any more. And like I said, it is probable that your stomach wouldn’t be empty anyways. Anyways, I know not being allowed to drink water doesn’t seem like a very big deal, it is the hospitals refusal to budge on the issue (and many others) that bothers me most.

    I am glad that you had such a good experience with both of your births! You sure have some adorable kids! 🙂

  3. I know what you mean. I hate that most of the doctors around here are so set in their ways that they will not change their mind on the way they do things for any reason. It is so frustrating!

    On a good note…my Mom works at Mercy in Rogers, and I know there are a lot of very good nurses, and staff that work up there. They have the sweetest Nun that works there still. She is so precious! Anyway, let us know where you end up going so we can visit!

  4. I’m so glad you found someone and hopefully your leads will get you somewhere. Definately be ASSERTIVE. I wish I would have been more assertive and I think if I had my doctors would have been willing to try more options and my son’s c-section could have been prevented which of course lead to another c-section the second time around. My sister-in-law loved her doula who offered them a lot of different techniques for dealing with pain and speeding up delivery. Also, just so you know, I didn’t end up having pain meds until I think I was a 7 and it really wasn’t that bad, I promise.

  5. Thanks guys! I spoke with the doctor and he said that he doesn’t usually take new patients past 28 weeks, but that he is willing to look over my records and decide if he wants to see me since I am not too much farther along. I’m hopeful that that is a good sign, cause he could have just said no!

    Now I am just waiting for a copy of my records….

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