Woo hoo! Look what I made:

I found this tutorial for the Hip Mama Messanger Bag-Style Diaper Bag, and decided it was just what Baby needs… nesting perhaps? 🙂 Anyways, this was probably the most involved sewing project I have taken on yet, but the tutorial was well written and I managed (after 12 hours!) to get through it. I am very happy with how it turned out! Definitely the most professional looking thing I have made! It is really a wonderful pattern– not too big, but nice and deep with lots of pockets (nine total!!). And I love that it doesn’t look like it has to be a diaper bag. It is cute enough that I would use it as a purse or laptop bag if Baby wasn’t on the way!

I decided I needed a little applique on my version of the bag, so I came up with this little birdie. Cause, ya know, I just have to be a little different! 🙂

Here is the the inside of the bag with lots of handmade goodies for baby… the elastic could have been a little tighter, but I love all the pockets!

I loved the tutorial, but I think that the next time I make one of these bags, I will make a few changes. The strap could be a tad longer and wider for my taste, as I like to wear bags diagonally across my body and it is a little short for that. Well, at least with my big belly in the way! And I think I would make it without the snaps. Of course, if you are better at getting the snaps lined up perfectly than I am, go for it! The flap on mine just does’t lay smoothly when it is snapped in place… but it is perfectly functional unsnapped.

A few other things to note to help you avoid some mistakes I made: the pattern calls for a vinyl liner, and if you can find some vinyl with a nice color or print, I would highly suggest using it. I couldn’t find any, so I substituted. I just used cotton, and my bag is a little floppy because of it, even with the interfacing. Also, 10″ of elastic will gather up the inside pockets way too much if you use a lightweight fabric like I did, so if you do go with a lightweight liner fabric, you may need to expiriment with the elastic lenth. I think I over corrected a little, which is why my pockets look a little gapey. But hey, at least they’re on the inside! Oh yeah, and you might want to buy a couple inches extra fabric if the employees at your local fabric store can’t cut straight… by the time I got my liner fabric squared up, I was just a hair short for the bottom piece of the liner. I used a scrap of a slightly different color, and you really can’t tell at all if there is stuff in the bag…

 Of course, I can’t let one project go without immediately starting another. Here are the pattern pieces for a little stuffed elephant that is in the wings. (Pattern is from Joelle Hoverson’s Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gift Ideas)

I will post pictures of it when it is done. And the nursery. Stephen is almost finished painting it… It ended up being a little more involved than we anticipated! It looks great though!

In other non-project news, I am in my third trimester now! How did that happen?!?! Baby will be here before we know it…


11 thoughts on “Woo hoo! Look what I made:

  1. LOVE IT! That is so beautiful. And I’m gonna go ahead and say a cotton liner may actually be better in the long run. I have a messanger style diaper bag, but because the whole inside is vinyl I can’t really toss it in the wash machine. At least with cotton you can do a full wash – sometimes the smell of spilt breastmilk doesn’t really “wipe” off…

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment, Elizabeth, and thanks for sharing your tutorial! I can’t imagine how much time you must have put into it… I just love my new bag!

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