I survived!

The last few days have been crazy busy, but I made it through them!

Monday night was my first Baby shower, hosted by Teri and attended by all of my fellow Rogers Elementary Art teachers.  The theme was a “Green Baby” shower, and my coworkers had lots of creative ideas for gifts! Thank you guys so much for all of the wonderful, thoughtful gifts!

Tuesday’s science night was a hit… albeit a bit wild and crazy. We had a great turnout with more than 400 students, parents, and family members in attendance. The project in the art room was Benham’s Disks, and the kids had a great time making them. Fun, yes, but can I just say that by the end of the evening, I was SO ready to go home! When I got home at 8 pm after a 14 hour day at school, I completely crashed on the couch. I don’t really remember anything from that night, but apparently I told Stephen that I was really hungry and wanted biscuits, so he looked up a recipe and made a batch from scratch just for me! How sweet is that?!?!

The Art Education conference on Weds, Thurs, and Fri wasn’t as good as I remember it being in years past, but I did attend a couple of really informative workshops, and had a chance to meet and talk with many inspiring art educators from around the state. And just to sit and be the student for a change? Ahhh….sometimes that is just what a teacher needs:-) I definitely left feeling refreshed and inspired. I can’t believe the year is passing by so quickly… there is still so much that I want to do with my students! The other day I actually counted up the weeks I have with the kids until February. Can it be that, with all the holidays and such, I only have EIGHT more weeks with them?!?!? Yikes… I absolutely hate having a sub in my classroom and will usually go to school completely miserable before I take a sick day, so the thought of a sub teaching my classes for 12 full weeks while I am on maternity leave is more than a bit terrifying. I did happen to find a sub in our district with an art-ed degree, which was a huge relief. Once my maternity leave is up, I should only have a month or so left of school before summer, and before I am a SAHM! Oh wait, I haven’t published that post yet…. more to come on that soon!

Speaking of being a Mom, as of today, I only have 13 more weeks until Baby’s due date! Yikes! February 15th is very quickly approaching. The Belly is starting to feel a bit uncomfortable now and I am down to just two pairs of pants (well, besides pjs and such) and a handful of skirts that fit me. I am determined not to go out and spend a bunch of money on clothes I will only wear for a couple more months, so I am doing everything I can to strech my wardrobe… I bought some funky knee-socks so that I can wear the skirts without freezing, and it is not uncommon for jeans to go a few wearings without being washed. Hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do… For a while a was doing really good with exercising, but I have let it slide during the last few hectic weeks. I need to get back into the prenatal yoga I was doing; I always felt much better afterwards. Right now I have a killer back ache…

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