yay for cheapness!!

We stopped by the store this morning to get the paint for Baby’s room (since I will be out of town this week, Stephen is going to try to get the painting done while I am away). We had three colors picked out for our plan… but before we had them mixed up we decided to check the mis-tints just to see what there was… we are, after all, notoriously cheap and were willing to settle for something different if the price was right. What are the odds that two of the colors on the mis-tint shelf would almost exactly match our chosen paint chips?!?!? And we’re not talking beige here people… Seriously, they were very, very similar, and 75% off! And  they also happened to be the low VOC brand… We only ended up having to buy one can at full price. I just love finding a good deal 🙂


4 thoughts on “yay for cheapness!!

  1. I sure will post pictures when we are done… it may be a while though! And our style is a little ecclectic, so there really isn’t a theme or anything …

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