Week 25 (and 1/2!) update:

Baby is moving around like crazy these days! And I’m pretty sure she/he is in the middle of a growth spurt as well because the Belly has become quite impressive, seemingly overnight. I have even noticed that my belly button seems to be slowly dissapearing… 🙂 I finally broke down and bought a new pair of pants and a new shirt the other day because I seem to be in some awkward transition stage… all of my old shirts are beginning to be too short, but most of my actual maternity shirts still look like a tent on me!  So far, even with the recent growth spurt, we have steered clear of stretch marks… I thought I saw some very, very faint lines a couple of weeks ago and started slathering with coconut oil (yes, I have ditched store-bought lotion too:-) religiously. I don’t see any lines at all, so for now, fingers crossed! Of course, both of my sisters had them…

Overall, I have been feeling much better than I did at the beginning of the pregnancy. I no longer require a daily nap (or two!), although school days still leave me exhausted. I’m not quite big enough that the Belly gets in the way much either, which means I am still able to move about and even sleep comfortably for the most part. I passed my glucose test with flying colors, woohoo! and my Thyroid levels are better than ever!

I have my first Baby Shower (along with Olivia!) coming up on Monday. Yay! All of the elementary art teachers in my district are going to get together and host a “Green Baby” shower after our professional development meeting, meaning all of the gifts will be either organic, recycled, or repurposed… anything environmentally friendly. What a fun idea! I have been knitting up a little something for Olivia’s little one out of some soft lambswool yarn I salvaged from a thrift store sweater. Pictures to come later because I know she checks in on my blog from time to time…

25 weeks

25 weeks

I know, I know, you’ve already seen this picture! But I haven’t had time to take another and, quite frankly, I like this one!

Speaking of not having much time, I am afraid next week is going to kick my tired, pregnant butt….

My schedule looks a bit like this:

Monday: leave for school at 6:30 am, see more than 200 students throughout the course of the day, head directly to professional development meeting after school, followed by baby shower (across town at Teri’s house from which I must leave by 4:45 at the latest so that I can make it to Fayetteville at 5:30 to meet with my student at the OLC for a tutoring session until 6:30 when I have to be at the church to babysit while Stephen teaches his Financial Peace course until, oh, 9:30 or so. Finally make it home and to bed by 10 pm (which, btw, is an hour past my current bedtime!)

Tuesday: Leave for work at 6:30 am, see 200+ students, hang out at the school until I have to be back at 5:30 (because that doesn’t leave me enough time to drive home to Springdale and back) for Family Science Night. Help out with Science Night until 7, then stay to clean up my room for Wednesday. Finally make it home somewhere between 8-9 pm. Oh yeah, and I still have to pack for Wednesday, and cook something for Stephen so that he doesn’t live on canned cheese while I am out of town the rest of the week (don’t ask).

Wednesday: ditto above, except: immediately after school, meet with other art teachers to leave for the Art Education conference in Little Rock.

Thursday: Art Education conference

Friday: Art Education conference. Finally arrive home LATE Friday night and CRASH until noon on Saturday!

Whew! I wore myself out just typing that! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Week 25 (and 1/2!) update:

  1. Oh my! You do have much more of a belly since the last time I checked! You look fabulous pregnant, of course. Good luck with the coconut oil; stretch marks are the pits. Take it from a woman with stretchies from her neck to her knees :).

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