Yay, Tractor Supply!

Just a quick post to tell you all about my new FAVORITE store, Tractor Supply.  If you have cats, this post may be helpful to you…

A new Tractor Supply store just opened about a half mile or so from our house, so when I ran out of cat food this afternoon, I decided to stop by and see what they had rather than drive completely across town. A little background info about my cats. They are spoiled. Absolutely rotten. And Lillian has a “sensitive stomach” (e.i. she throws up anything and everything but the most expensive of cat foods…) so they are used to getting Natural Balance at almost $35 a pop (I think it is a 16 or 18 lb bag). I have been trying to transition them to something cheaper since we are trying to budget like the one-income family we will soon be, but cleaning up little piles of cat vomit each morning and evening was getting old… So the search for our ideal cat food continued, and in the meantime I continued to get the expensive stuff.  Have you ever tried to find a reasonably priced corn, soy, and preservative-free cat food?!? Um, yeah. I wasn’t getting my hopes up, but to my surprise, Tractor supply actually had some!!! We’re giving Diamond Naturals Active Cat a try now ($18 per 18 lb bag). It has no corn, no soy, no by products, and no preservatives. Yay! And by the way the kitties are chowing down, I’d say they rather like it:-)

After my excitement about the cat food died down a little bit, I decided to see what kind of litter products they carried. Now, with three indoor cats, I tend to be a tad picky about my litter. It has to be environmentally friendly and not emit plumes of harful silica dust when poured (no clay), cannot be clumping or contain fragrences or chemicals that are harmful to the cats, and above all, must not reek of cat urine after just one day (remember, we have three cats). I have been using Feline Pine ($3.99 for 7lbs, and it does wonders with the smell, btw), but Walmart recently quit carrying it. Grrr!!!! I won’t get into an I hate Walmart post here…. Anyways, I had some stockpiled and was starting to run low, so I figured it was worth a look to see what Tractor supply carried. I was very disappointed that there was no Feline Pine… Until I turned the corner and found *Equine* Pine!!! The exact same stuff in a forty pound bag for just 5.99!!! Marketed as litter for horse stalls but exactly the same stuff. Yes, that’s right, between the cat food and the litter, I just saved over 30 dollars!

Yay for Tractor Supply!

I know, I tend to get a little too carried away with all of this frugal, budgeting type stuff (thanks a lot, Dave Ramsey), but this seriously made my day 🙂


3 thoughts on “Yay, Tractor Supply!

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the info about Equine Pine. When I saw it at Tractor Supply, I thought it looked like Feline Pine. I wanted to try it for our cats, but wasn’t sure if it was the same thing, or at least close enough to use, so I searched online and found your web page.

    So, next trip to Tractor Supply, I’m gonna get some Equine Pine. It is a really good deal compared to Feline Pine. Thanks for the info. I’m tired of the dust from the clay litter.


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