Sunrise hike and some fresh eggs…

I have been having some trouble sleeping lately. It’s not that I am not tired, mind you. I am always tired. Exhausted really:-) But for some reason, I have been waking up around 4- 4:30 am and once I do, it is very difficult to fall back asleep. So when I woke up early Saturday morning, I decided it would be a good day for a sunrise hike! We didn’t head too far out- just west to lake Wedington (we used to go mountain biking there, but that was pre-pregnancy…) I just love, love, LOVE this time of year in NW Arkansas! The weather and the fall leaves were just wonderful! I don’t think the foiliage is quite at its peak- mostly just the sassafrass and maples so far- but it is still breathtaking! Plus, as awkward as my body is feeling lately, getting out and exercising is the one thing that makes me really feel better. I’m just perpetually stiff and achy when I don’t have the time to do something, even if it’s just stretching. Anyways, here are a few pictures from our outing:

(22 weeks)

I have really been awful about keeping up with the blog, this time of year just always seems to get so busy! I have been doing some more canning (applesauce and applebutter), and baking (my current craving it pumpkin pie….mmmm!), and lot of knitting and crocheting for a craft fair my mom is selling at next month. And of course the kiddos at school have been needing some art-teaching, which takes up most of my time during the school year…:-) I need to take my camera to school one of these days and get some more pictures of their awesome work. Sometimes it just blows me away what they can create!

Oh, and we have been working on our travel trailer a bit. It’s pretty rough, but what do you expect for a 25 year old trailer that we were actually PAID $100 bucks to take…

(home sweet home?)

We are still thinking of moving into it temporarily next year so that we can build something… more on that later. We’ve got lots of ideas floating around right now:-)

And lastly, a bit of good news: we are up to two fresh eggs a day from our chickens, which is beginning to outpace the rate at which we can eat them. And one of our hens hasn’t even started laying yet! Looks like we may need to start sharing with the neighbors soon!

How’s that for a post full of randomness? 🙂


10 thoughts on “Sunrise hike and some fresh eggs…

  1. Okay, so I am thinking…Mattix woke up between 3:30 (yeah, a.m.) and 5:30 for the whole week before we came to DC. Sooo, since you’re up already, any chance you want to hop on a plane and hang with the little guy until a more reasonable hour? Say, 7:00 a.m.? He he he. I’m just kidding! I’m sorry you’re waking up so early, even though you’re tired. Hopefully you’ll be able to sleep a bit later soon. You look great and your photos are wonderful! I like random posts, BTW!

  2. Ohh can’t wait to see your “home to be” 🙂 Glad you’ve been able to get out and about for exercise, but sad about the lack of sleeping. Can’t wait to see you guys this weekend.

  3. what a beautiful picture of you!! you still look so tiny for 22 weeks!! it sounds like your body is preparing you for all the sleepless nights once the baby is born!!

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