Halfway there, and a date-night!

Actually we’re at almost 21 weeks into our pregnancy, which is over halfway there! As of the ultrasound, Baby was about 12 ounces, and is probably already around 10 1/2 inches long! Big development this week: Stephen has actually been able to feel the baby kick a couple of times! The first time really surprised me because up until recently, the most I have felt is an occaisional flutter. I asked Stephen when he thought we would be able to feel anything from the outside, and put my hand on my stomach (not expecting anything at all!). As if on cue, Baby kicked it really hard and my eyes got huge! Stephen put his hand on my stomach too and Baby immediately kicked again. I guess Baby just wanted to let us know that s/he really is in there!

I am really proud of how patient I have been about finding out Baby’s gender! I really thought it would be harder than it has been! When we had our ultrasound, we had the ultrasound tech write down the baby’s gender and seal it in an envelope for us to send to my sister (the things I will do for my sister….) because she is cleaning out her small apartment closets and wanted to know which pile of baby clothes to save for us. Anyways, the envelope sat in my purse ALL week because I was out of stamps, and I promise, I wasn’t tempted to peek once!  I am actually really excited about having a surprise the day Baby arrives. Until then, I am busying myself by hunting down some cute yardsale/thriftshop/freecycle gender-neutral baby clothes and I already have an entire drawer FULL of newborn stuff. Not to brag or anything, but I am a pretty good bargain-hunter… the entire drawer-ful cost me less then $5 total!

Sorry that this blog has turned all-baby, all the time. It’s either that or politics, and I am really trying to keep myself from venturing into that area on this blog. It could get ugly. Really ugly:-) I am not sure I can hold out much longer though…

Oh, I guess there is one more non-baby, non-political thing… Stephen and I are going on an actual-factual date tonight! I scored some free tickets to a performance by San Jose Taiko at the Walton Arts Center tonight (did I tell you I am good bargain hunter or what?!?) We even get to meet the performers before the show!

Better go get ready!


4 thoughts on “Halfway there, and a date-night!

  1. Enjoy the date night! Sounds like fun. I have been trying to get Andrew and I out for dates here and there. I know they will be a little bit harder to accomplish in the coming days and weeks.

    Oh and bargain shopping is the best! It is amazing the great baby clothes you can get for near nothing. They are hardly used.

  2. How fun! Just wait until you start seeing arms / legs poking out of your stomach, it is seriously the most crazy / wonderful (no pun intended) thing you will ever experience. Mike used to get so freaked out! Hope you enjoy your date night!

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