It’s a…….




Sorry if you were waiting in suspense to find out if Baby is a boy or a girl, we decided at the last minute (in the car on the way to the clinic!) that we would rather be surprised when Baby is born! We have been wavering with the decision for a while now, but our original plan was to wait and that is what we’re going to do for now. Oh, and I think we may have changed our minds on names too… I guess there will be lots of surprises when Baby comes 🙂

Just look at that face!!! I’m sure that I’m a little biased, but I already think Baby is adorable!

It was really neat to see baby moving around (and surreal!), although I was sort of surprised that I don’t feel more movements as active as he/she seems to be! The ultrasound tech said that Baby is measuring about three days ahead but since it is so close, they are keeping the original due date of February 15th. Could be a Valentine’s Day baby!  Everything appears just as healthy as can be. Heartrate 155.

We have a video of the ultrasound, but we are trying not to watch it too much in case we over-analyze it and accidentally figure out Baby’s gender. Honestly we probably wouldn’t be able to tell anyways because If it wasn’t for the ultrasound tech explaining everything as she went through, I wouldn’t have recognized anything that she showed us! Except the face 🙂 I recognized that right away!

Yay! This is actually starting to seem real now!

12 thoughts on “It’s a…….

  1. i can’t believe you are not finding out…you are stronger than i!!

    baby is just so cute 🙂 i am so glad everything is going well and that baby is thriving!!

  2. Jeff and I didn’t find out what Brayden was, I loved it, all my friends hated me. But there is something special about the dr. saying “it a boy!” Stay strong it is worth the wait.

  3. Awesome! We didn’t find out with either of ours and it is the best surprise in life! With Chrissy I had some issues at the end and had this big ultrasound and we told the tech we weren’t finding out. She kept saying “the baby” but slipped at one point and said “he just moved”. So I was set on her being a boy including bringing boy clothes to the hospital. Holy cow were we surprised and it was so great!

  4. YAY!! You will be SO happy you chose not to know. It’s life’s greatest surprise!

    Guess what, this baby is going to be wearing pink Weebit Booties…you won!

  5. After I had our ultrasound (2 weeks ago) I noticed her movements a lot more. I started feeling her ar0und 17 weeks and now I feel her all the time. She definately has times that she’s more active and times that she’s still. Congratulations. I know the feeling, when we saw our ultrasound I thought she was the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine how much more I’ll love her when we finally get t0 meet her. There is no way on God’s green earth that I would have the patience you two have to wait…congrats on your decision. And there’s no way we could have figured out what she was on our own, so don’t worry about over analyzing the video.

  6. Oh my gosh, how can you do it?! I’m terrible with surprises. In fact, it’s driving me a little crazy that I don’t know what *you* are having! 🙂 I know you’ll be pleasantly, happily surprised either way.

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