back from the vet…

Lillian’s neck is looking much better today. My clever sock idea really worked and kept her from scratching her neck all night, and now the sores have begun to scab over and there is much less inflammation around the bites. I got a flea comb and combed and bathed (THAT was fun…) all three of the cats last night and did find a couple of fleas hiding out on the other two as well, so I am sure that they are in the house by now.  After discussing with the vet the fact that I am pregnant and do NOT want to bomb my house or use spray pesticides AT ALL (wouldn’t even if I wasn’t pregnant!), we decided that the best thing to do would be to apply a dose of frontline to the kitties (Stephen will be the one handling it), wash everything we can (bedding, curtains, etc) in hot water, and vacuum, vacuum, vacuum the house top to bottom a few times a week until we are sure they are gone. This was really frustrating for me because my ultimate goal was to attempt to rid the house and kitties of the fleas without using ANY pesticides, including those on the kitties, and I would have vacuumed three times and day if I had to in order to avoid it. But it takes time and patience to get rid of fleas that way, and Lillian’s reaction to the few bites she had was so severe that she needed immediate relief (the vet confirmed she has a flea-bite allergy). Plus I didn’t want to risk her getting bitten again if we happen to have a relapse when the flea eggs hatch. Trust me folks, she looks pitiful! Fortunately, the sores she has now don’t appear to be infected and will hopefully heal without a problem if we can keep her from scratching them for a few more days. And then maybe the hair will grow back and she will look like a happy, healthy kitty again. Sigh. So I ultimately caved and got a dose of frontline for the kitties against my better judgement because I just can’t bear to see her like this. The vet tried to reassure me it is safe but in my opinion, a pesticide is still a pesticide. What a bad mama I am…

Oh, and miss Millicent… she’s up to just a couple ounces shy of 12 pounds now despite the (expensive!) reduced-calorie diet she’s been on for the past year, which didn’t make the vet too happy. As much as I have been spending on that stuff, it did’t make me too happy either! I know that 12 pounds doesn’t sound too bad, but she is a really small-framed cat to weigh so much. What to do now? She already acts like I’m starving her half to death…

Enough boring flea-talk for now… I am off to bake a fresh loaf of sourdough bread!

3 thoughts on “back from the vet…

  1. So sorry about the fleas… that’s awesome though that you haven’t had any trouble in the past 5 years! I’m dreading the day I have to deal with such…. sure it will come whne Dulcita has more free roaming in a yard. Your 18 week pic looks great! And congrats on your first egg – looks like all the hard work is paying off! Hope you get more soon. My tomato plants are just now starting to thrive – unfortunately, frost is not too far away!

  2. My mom has a dog that was also gaining weight on the recommended amount of reduced calorie dog food. It turns out that she has a thyroid problem that is causing her to be so overweight. After much adjustment to her medication, she’s finally losing weight. She’s lost about 10 pounds, but it seems like she could still lose at least 5 more–and she was only 40 lbs to begin with!

    If you’re ever unhappy with your current vet, I would definitely recommend my mom’s vet (he’s also in Springdale). He was even able to take care of poor Gizmo’s teeth when our usual vet didn’t seem to be able to do anything for him.

  3. The thought of a thyroid problem has crossed my mind… mostly, I think she is just lazy 🙂 I think she may also be eating some of Lillian’s portion of the food (I feed them all at the same time- morning and evening) since Lillian has lost wieght. I think my next step will be to try and feed her in a separate room for a while and see if that helps. She isn’t so big yet that we are really concerned, but she is still young and we don’t want the trend to continue!

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