Oh, what a day!

(2nd grade doodle painting- Seth)

Thank goodness it’s Wednesday! (since I just work half of the week, Wednesday is my Friday)

I think my cold is finally starting to wear off, but I just hate how I feel like I am behind on everything now. I know, I should be cleaning my house instead of blogging 🙂

On top of everything else, I came home from work this afternoon and found Lillian scratching furiously at her neck. So much so that she had caused an open bleeding sore on both sides. My poor baby! I took off her collar to see if it was irritating her, and beneath it was one lone flea.  That one flea has caused a bunch of bites under Lillian’s collar though, and she seems to have had quite a bad allergic reaction to them as they are all bumpy and scabbed over. Sigh. I searched the other two cats meticulously and couldn’t find a single flea on either of them, but I am watching them carefully. Thank goodness Lillian just happened to already have a vet appointment scheduled for tomorrow A.M. for her vaccinations. Until then, I made sure I couldn’t find any more of the critters on her, then cut up an old, stretchy sock to make a neckwarmer-looking sort of thing to cover the sores so she doesn’t scratch them up any more. It seems to be working for now, fingers crossed that she won’t find a way to get it off before tomorrow morning! This is our first flea situation in five years since all of our kitties primarily stay indoors. They ocassionally go out in the yard with me, and I have seen a big black stray hanging around back there recently. Wonder if she could have gotten them from him? Or it could have been the kitten, though I searched her before I ever let her in the house and never found any fleas. And it has been several weeks since she was here… Any advice on dealing with fleas without using toxic pesticides on my kitties or in my home would be greatly appreciated!

In other pet news, we got our first chicken egg today!

Hopefully there will be many more to come… There is something so satisfying about raising your own food, whether it is a vegetable garden, or chicken eggs. I ended up driving behind a truckful of commercial chickens on my way to work today (they probably weren’t layers, but still…) and they just looked so pitiful! It’s nice to know that our eggs are coming from well cared for, healthy birds who eat a healthy diet of grains, fruit and veggie scraps (watermelon rinds are their favorite!) grass, and bugs.

Oh, and here is the 18 weeks belly picture I promised. I still look a little rough, but much better than I did the other day!

4 thoughts on “Oh, what a day!

  1. Congrats on the egg – yea! I am loving gardening this year, I know what you mean about how satisfying it is and I feel so much better knowing my kids aren’t eating veggies covered in yuck! Oh and I gave you a little “award” on my blog today and I think I’m suppose to let you know.

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