18 Weeks

18 weeks today! I would post a belly pic, but I have been sick all weekend and, well trust me, you don’t want to see a picture of me right now! ūüôā Sigh. Just a couple of weeks into the school year and the kiddos are already sharing their germs. I think I get it worse than the classroom teachers since I have to see every single student at our school once a week… 490 total. Yes, if there is a cold bug out there, I will most definitely catch it!

It has been kind of nice to just sit around and do nothing for a couple of days, but my house is a mess right now and I don’t even have my lesson plans done. Hopefully I will be feeling better by tomorrow or this could be one loooong week… Besides, now that Ike has passed through (just a tropical storm by the time it reached us) we are supposed to be getting some beautiful fall-like weather and I am hoping to get out and enjoy it this week.

Oh yes, we did find a home for Sigrid¬†the rooster. He is living at a farm near Huntsville¬†where¬†there were¬†-ahem- twelve lovely Rhode Island Red Hens waiting to meet him (they recently lost their previous rooster).¬† I am just glad he has a home where he will be free to crow to his heart’s content without worrying about the neighbors.


5 thoughts on “18 Weeks

  1. Hi! I am so excited to find another mommy expecting her first at around the same time I am! My due date is February 15th, and every morning the first thing I do is stand in front of my mirror to check out my baby bump ūüėČ

    Your rooster is probably having a blast being a little studmuffin.

  2. Jodean – Did you hear the latest about CHI? The branch offices are all cosing and only the St. Louis office is staying open. We have to change to a local homestudy agency, since we were able to have them do our homestudy. Plus to make matters worse, all the CHI Yahoo groups have been shut down. Kathryn

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