17 weeks

We are fast approaching the half-way mark in our pregnancy, and I can’t believe how the time is flying by! I just can’t wait to meet this new little person:) According to babycenter.com , our little one should now weigh about 5 ounces, and measure about 5 inches from head to bottom. I am still only feeling Baby move every once in a while, but I’m sure it will happen more and more as Baby grows. S/he should gain about 2 ounces and 1/2 inch just this week! I have definitely had a lot more people notice my belly this past week- even a couple of my students! Don’t worry, the were fairly tactful about it;) This picture was actually taken at about 16 1/2 weeks, but I don’t think it has changed too much since then!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous this weekend… almost felt like fall! I think I will make Stephen walk around Lake Fayetteville with me tonight:) This time of year also means peaches are in season and apples are just starting to ripen. I stopped by the orchard that is about a mile down the road from us (how lucky are we?!?!) and picked up some fruit the other day. I also happen to know where there is a pear tree where I might be able to sneak a few:) I finished this season’s first batch of apple butter yesterday, and am planning to make some peach-pineapple jam (too bad I can’t get locally grown pineapple…) either tomorrow or Tuesday. Mmmmmm…… We had breakfast for supper yesterday so that we could enjoy some of the apple butter: biscuits & gravy, scrambled eggs and biscuits with apple butter for dessert:) yum! I think I will pick up another half-bushel of apples so I can make some more later this week for Christmas gifts. We are trying to do Christmas a little more frugally this year since- shhhhh!- we might need to get used to living without my income once Baby arrives. More about that later…


4 thoughts on “17 weeks

  1. I need to email you! I sold almost all of my maternity stuff in a garage sale in the spring, but the other day I was digging around and found some stuff. If you are up for it let me know & I love to see it put to good use! I promise it isn’t lameo stuff, a lot of it is “work appropriate” too since I was the HR manager back in the day!

  2. You have got to be the cutest pregnant lady I’ve ever known. I have some stuff you could use too. Actually, it happens to be at Chuck’s mom’s house if you want to stop by and grab it sometime. Just give me the word and I’ll let her know you’re coming.

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