Penny found a home! (really this time!)

We took Penny with us to church last night to see if anyone wanted her… we were starting to get desperate! We figured that once they saw her cute little face, surely someone would take her home. Boy did Penny love all the attention! Sure enough, one of the girls in the youth group fell in love with her. There was quite a bit of begging the parents involved and for a moment I almost felt bad, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do=) They finally caved in and Penny went home with the girl last night. I am sure she will have a wonderful life and be spoiled absolutely rotten! I will say that our house is VERY quite without her though…

I have my endocrinologist appointment later this morning, and my ob appointment this afternoon so wish me luck! I am very anxious to find out how my thyroid is doing, and to make sure the baby is doing alright. I have started having these nightmares occaisionally that there is something wrong with Baby and I don’t know how to take care of him/her. I won’t elaborate on them, I’ll just say that they are awful. I am sure it has something to do with my anxiety about my thyroid… Anyways, it will be reassuring to hear Baby’s heartbeat again.

I have felt a few strange flutters in my lower belly, but nothing that really convinced me it was baby just yet. Hopefully soon!=)

I will post again after I get back from my appointment, and I’ll make Stephen take another belly pic for me too!


4 thoughts on “Penny found a home! (really this time!)

  1. I can’t wait to hear how your appointments go!! I’m glad little kitty found a home-she’s a little cutie. Good luck today with your dr. visits.


  2. oh, i would have taken that sweet thing off your hands if we lived closer!! i am glad she found a good home.

    keep us posted on today’s appoinments. i think you are probably feeling lil’ bit move…that is exactly what it feels like (and i started feeling it at 14 weeks with both my girls). how cool!

  3. That is great!

    Oh and that is exciting about the flutters–bet they are the little one! 🙂

    Hope that your doctor appointments are helpful! I always love baby related ones. I do remember though having those forboding thoughts wondering esp. early on wondering if everything is okay. I think that is a sign that as a mother we are concerned and love the child. That is what my midwife told me. So it isn’t really a bad sign to be concerned.

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