(almost) 16 weeks!

I can’t believe I am already almost 4 months pregnant! The time is really flying by, and there is still so much to do before Baby gets here!

In just the last couple of weeks, more people have started noticing my belly. Of course it is very noticable to me, but depending on what I am wearing I think it sometimes still looks like I am just thick in the middle rather than pregnant. I’ll let you judge for yourselves:

I haven’t gotten around to retrofitting my old pants into maternity pants (and I am just too cheap/practical to buy some!) so I have mostly been wearing my old pants/skirts with a rubber band looped through the buttonhole. At home I just leave ’em undone completely=) I was napping the other day when some of our neighbors stopped by (with a delicious loaf of homemade bread by the way- thanks Genessa!) and I accidently answered the door half-awake with my fly completely undone. Oops!=) Wonder what they must have thought of me…. I guess I should probably break out the sewing machine soon and make some pants that actually fit me before something like that happens again!

Both of my appointments today went well. I think I am really going to like my new endocrinologist (well, the nurse practitioner anyways!). She seemed very thorough and it was obvious that she had taken the time to read through the records that were sent over from my OB and family doctor, and even discussed my case with the endocrinologist before seeing me. She was also very friendly, and spent much more time than my former specialist, the Endocrinologist from Hell, would have ever spent answering my questions and trying to put my mind at ease. And all this without rolling her eyes or looking impatiently at her watch once! She drew blood tests for not only my TSH levels, but T3 and T4 as well (should get the results tomorrow) and explained that while my current thyroid levels are not ideal for pregnancy, they are not so low as to cause too much concern about the baby. Apparently when there is a thyroid deficiency the mom’s body makes sure that the baby has enough first, then it is the mom who does without (Ahhh, that explains the extreme exhaustion that I have been feeling!) Obviously that isn’t good either, but it is reassuring to know that baby is probably doing just fine.  If I hadn’t had my levels checked and my medication adjusted as early on as I did it could have been much worse.

I also had a really good appointment with the OB today. The practice that I am going to has several doctors, and this was the first time for me to see this particular one. I really liked him. I had a discussion with him about my appointment with the new endocrinologist and my reasons for switching from the old one. Just in case any of you think I must be picky or exaggerating about the Endocrinologist from hell, these were the the exact words of my OB, explaining why he chooses not to refer his patients to this particular doctor and instead refers them out of town: “It is important to me that my patients see a specialist who will not only care for them physically, but will treat them like human beings.” Yeah. It is actually that bad. Anyways, the appointment itself went very smoothly. I have gained about three pounds, which is not bad for this point in the pregnancy.  Baby’s heartbeat sounded perfect again. And amazing. So strong and steady=) The doctor guessed that, according to the old wives tale, Baby will be a girl. I’ve kind of had a gut feeling all along that it is a girl as well, so we’ll see next month if I am right….=) Just for fun, I looked up a few other wives tales on the internet, and many of them also point to a girl. hmmm….


5 thoughts on “(almost) 16 weeks!

  1. you look great with your lil’ baby bump!

    i am so glad everything went well today. it is great that you found a doctor that truly cares about your well-being!!

  2. Maternity pants- “Fisherman pants as a maternity pants”
    .Because the butterfly and fisherman’s pants sit low on the waist, they don’t interfere with the Mother’s growing belly ~ They feel so feminine, you will still feel quite sexy all the way through your pregnancy.

  3. I dont think that anyone could mistake you as thick in the middle…you look so cute!
    I bought quite a few maternity clothes when I was pregnant the first time – I thought it was fun.
    The second time all of my maternity clothes were the wrong size in the wrong season, so I wanted to wear my regular clothes as long as I could. I found this belly band or tummy sleeve thing – its just a stretchy white (or black) sleeve you put around your unbuttoned pants and it holds them up and covers your belly, and it looks like a t-shirt under your shirt. It’s about $20, but its very useful. It’s at motherhood maternity store. Im surprised they sold it because it really cut down on the amount of maternity clothes I needed.

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