Catching up…

Well, I have been a bad blogger again, but there is just so much going on. I will do my best to catch up, so I apologize if this post is a bit jumbled=)

First of all, today was a very bittersweet day as it was the last day I will spend with my OLC student/conversation partner, Celia, before she moves to Boston. I started volunteering at the Ozark Literacy Council (which, by the way, is a fantastic organization!) about a year ago, where I was paired with Celia, who had recently moved with her husband and family from Venezuela. We have been working together on her English ever since and she has made tremendous progress. She has also taught me so much, and we have become lifelong friends, and for that I am grateful. I will miss you Celia!!!

Here are the yummy chocolates that she brought from her recent trip to Venezuela. They are seriously the best chocolates I have ever had, and I am not telling how many I have eaten=)

And the kitten, miss Penny as we have been calling her, is going to be with us for a little while longer after all. The woman who was so interested in her was a no-show on Wednesday. I have tried to email her several times now with no response=( Of course, there is no way I can take Penny to the shelter now that I have gotten attached to her… sigh. So we continue to look for a home for this sweet little one. If we lived in the country, I would keep her in a heartbeat, but four cats?  I just don’t know if I can do that in town. Right now Stephen is taking care of litter box duty since I am pregnant, but I know the day will come when that is my job again, and four cats make a LOT of poop=)

Of course, the first crazy-busy week of school hasn’t stopped me from making more stuff for the baby… this time lots of practical stuff. I have made about 2 dozen prefold cloth diapers out of a bunch of cotton flats that my sis gave me when she decided to go disposable with Brock. (I love you anyways, Jeanien=)

(seen here with the portable changing mat that I made to carry in the diaper bag)

The diaper covers I have been working on with my friend are pocket diapers with terry liners, so if I like the way they work I don’t necessarily need all the prefolds, but I figure I can always use them as doublers at night and such. Also, I have recently been reading about the benefits of using wool covers over prefolds and have decided to knit up a few soakers since, as usual, I have tons of yarn lying around. Since I already had all the cotton flats and wool yarn, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try ’em out and see which system I like better. I am planning to koolaid tie-dye the wool, and I think they will be super cute when I am done! (the pattern, by the way is the Curly Purly Soaker found here)

Hmm… what else? All things pregnancy are going well… uneventful but well. What little morning sickness I felt only lasted a couple of weeks and is long gone by now. (How lucky am I?!?!?) A few cravings remain; mostly salmon ( I would eat it every night if it wasn’t for the mercury concerns), orange vegeatbles (sweet potatoes, squash and carrots), and hard boiled eggs (they make me gag, but strangely, I can’t get enough of them!) I have also been feeling much better on the new dose of Synthroid, and I am hoping my thyroid levels are back to normal when I visit the endocrinologist next week. The belly seems to have slowed down a bit, but is still gradually growing. I kind of wish it was growing faster because I really don’t feel or look pregnant and tangible things like a rapidly growing belly or baby kicks would be really reassuring that everything is going as it is supposed to. Of course, I am only about 15 weeks now, and most women don’t start feeling the baby until 16-20 weeks, so I am sure there is nothing to worry about there, but it still would be nice=)

In addition to my endocrinologist appointment next Thursday, I also have a prenatal appointment. It will probably be uneventful since the 15 week appt. is when they usually do the amniocentesis test and Stephen and I have decided not to have it done. I imagine it will just be a regular check up instead. Now next  month ought to be a little more exciting with the big ultrasound and all. Yes, we have changed our minds about finding out the baby’s gender=) I should have known I wouldn’t have the patience for that! We have also changed our minds on the name of the baby if it happens to be a boy. He will be Miles after all instead of Owen. We always liked the name Miles better, it just seemed a little ackward after all the adoption stuff went down. It still just seems more right than Owen though, so we figured why not? So there you have it. Miles or Lydia. Check in next month to find out which one! 

Oh yes, (could this blog post get any more random?!?!?) many of you already know that I decided to go natural with my household cleaners (which, by the way, is really nice now that I am pregnant…I don’t have to worry every time I clean!) This week I have been working on making the switch with personal products like soap and shampoo also. I ordered some homemade goat’s milk, oatmeal, and honey soap from this Etsy site, and whatdaya know, my acne (which has plagued me for the past, oh, five years or so) has almost completely cleared up in just 5 days since I have been using this soap! Hmm… makes you really wonder about all those chemicals we put on our bodies every day… Anyways, I was so impressed by going natural on my face that I decided to follow this blogger’s adviceand try it on my hair as well using just plain old baking soda and cider vinegar in the shower. My hair feels very clean and much less weighed down after washing it this way. After a few days, my normally frizzy (especially in this Arkansas humidity) head is covered with lovely locks. (I know, it still looks a little frizzy, but trust me, you should have seen it before…. ) Ooooh! I hope Baby gets my curls! There’s just nothing cuter than a curly-headed baby! Of course if Baby really takes after me, he or she will be bald until age two…

Anyways, this pregnancy is really getting me thinking about the toxins we expose our bodies to on a daily basis. I hope the little things I am doing help Baby get off to the very best start possible!


4 thoughts on “Catching up…

  1. The soaker looks funny – at first glance, I never would have thought it was for a baby. I actually thought you’d knitted something for the cats… haha! I’m excited about the soap… will have to try some – thanks for posting the etsy site. So glad you are feeling better. Still praying for you and “Baby.” 15 weeks — woohoo!

  2. Hi there! I’m so glad no poo is working so well for you. My husband has started doing it too and really likes it. Both of us have had to cut out the apple cider vinegar, though, because it makes our hair too greasy. Perhaps it’s the Houston humidity. Anyway, it was fun to find your blog. Congratulations on your pregnancy!


  3. wow…that is definitely a bunch of randomness!

    glad things are going so well! i am glad the morning sickness is gone. hopefully, soon your baby bump will start to swell so that you actually feel pregnant!!

    oh, and i love the changing pad…such great colors 🙂

  4. I craved orange veggies a lot too esp. in my second trimester. I am sure they are super for the baby.

    The portable changing mat you made looks super cute. Love the colors.

    Oh and about gender. My hubby has helped me be patient. I think if it were left up to me I would have crumbled and had a sono even though orignially I thought we would wait. Now that we are getting so close I am looking forward to the reward of finding out! 🙂

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