Penny found a home!

Yay! I put an ad for her on Freecyle, and a woman from Rogers is coming to pick her up tomorrow. I am so glad we were able to find a home for her rather than take her to the shelter! I just knew someone would want her…I mean, just look at that face! Who could resist?!?

In other news: I have been back at school all week, so I have been a little busy for blogging=) I really wasn’t ready for school to start, but now that it has, it is nice to be back with the kids. And I survived the first-day kindergarteners, which is a good thing. Actually, I think we have a much better bunch of kindergarteners than we did last year. At least there haven’t been any major meltdowns or potty situations in the art room yet. Yay! This week has mostly been rules, procedures, and getting to know kids (all 490 of ’em!). It will be fun to really get back into art next week!

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