Ahhhhhh! Bliss!

I needed this!  Anyone who has spent much time in Arkansas in the summer knows that summer is usually not the best time for hiking, but the storm front that came through the other day left behind some unseasonably pleasant temperatures, so we decided to go for it. We went out to the Kings River Falls area for a short hike out to what has to be the coolest swimming hole ever just beneath the falls. I really do love this hike, even though it isn’t very long. It winds along the damp river bank where there are tons of fragrant wildflowers and butterflies all summer long. The river pretty much runs across a flat bed of stone, so the water is crystal clear. Eventually, the river fans out across the rock and cascades over the edge of a 20 ft or so drop to a deep, gravel lined pool of water below. Perfect for swimming on a hot summer day! When there is a lot of water in the springtime, the channels worn in the rock above create 8 or 9 separate falls and you can hop across the top on the dry rock between them. Or just sit with your feet in the cool water=) Of course, in August the river level is much lower and not nearly as impressive. Today there was only water flowing over one section of the falls. Still beautiful though! I have some spring pictures somewhere, but I think they were taken with my film camera. We’ll see if I can find them. Anyways, with no further ado, here are some of my pictures from today. I can’t wait to bring Baby back to this spot!

Time to ditch the boots!

The family!

This is what the rock “channels” look like above the falls



9 thoughts on “Ahhhhhh! Bliss!

  1. I was a few days behind on here. I’m sorry about your endocrinology stuff. I hope they can help you at the endocrinology office. Sometimes I prefer the nurse pracs to the docs!

    Love all the stuff you’ve been making and you are so cute with your little baby belly!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I’m glad to hear of others who are being so frustrated over our agency. I think they have acted totally irresponsible. More of us need to get on our soap boxes.

  3. We’d switch to domestic, but we’d still be at the mercy of others. And since Kevin’s 45 and I’ll be 40 at the end of the year, a lot of birth mothers consider us too old.

  4. your pictures are aaaaamazing. i have a nikon coolpix and i can’t get it to take anything close to what i think it should. i know you’re an artist, but did you take any classes that taught you how to take such great pictures? i’ve read tutorials and i guess i’m just too retarded to get anything more than the subject in the foreground to be in focus. as far as baby news goes…how are you feeling? any more food aversions? i gained 5 pounds my first trimester and over the last 2 weeks i’ve lost 2 of those pounds because i just can’t eat, nothing tastes good to me, but i can stand to lose the weight.

  5. I am making the rounds today telling everyone that I accidentally – and very stupidly – deleted our first blog today! It had a link to our new blog and I wanted to make sure all of our peeps have the new address! You can find it by following my URL on here.


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