Good News, Bad News

I have an appointment at the Endocrinology clinic in Rogers on August 28th… BUT it is with a nurse practitioner. I guess the endocrinologist is booked until January for new patients (which is obviously a bit late for my situation…) Once the nurse practioner takes my levels, checks me out, and reveiws my records, if she thinks it is necessary, I might be able to see him sooner. That’s the best I could do. Well, other than going back to the endocrinologist from hell (I won’t go into all the details here, but if you live in Springdale and need to see an endocrinologist, TRUST ME, it is worth driving to Rogers… ) 

Anyways, my appointment is still 3 weeks away, which is a little frustrating… three more weeks that Baby won’t get all the thyroid hormones he/she needs for development. But the tests won’t reflect whether or not the latest dose adjustment is working before then anyways, so I guess I will just wait it out. Maybe the synthroid is helping? It has been three days now since I started the new dose, and I certainly don’t feel like I have any more energy than before… but then again, it has been so long since I had any energy at all that I probably wouldn’t remember what it feels like to feel normal. I haven’t had a nap yet today if that means anything=)

I have been working on some more sewing today. The new machine is addictive=) I made an apron and a few baby bibs. Mostly just expiramenting with some ideas. I want to get my (neglected) Etsy up and running again and maybe be a bit more organized/focused with it this time around.

I also finished putting up these shelves in my kitchen:

My kitchen is pretty large, but the cabinet layout is horrible. The cabinets stop halfway down the length of the wall, leaving a large empty space, and very little storage. I also don’t have a pantry, which means that what little cabinet space I do have must be shared between the dishes/pots/pans/appliances/and food. So I thought I would make use of the bare wall and add some shelves. I can’t put too much on them without them looking cluttered since they are open, but they do provide a little extra room. They also give me a place to display a few pieces of my pottery collection (all of the pieces on the shelf were made by my classmates in the UofA ceramics department) and my great-grandma’s old blue canning jars=)


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