Happy Birthday, Mr. Tobe!

Tomorrow Toby turns 5 years old. Where has the time gone? I remember when we were first married and living in a 450 sq ft apartment and Stephen was quite certain we did NOT need a cat. But I was persistant. And I won=) Soon we brought home the lanky, scraggly looking kitten with the ridiculously long whiskers that we found in a newspaper ad, and the rest is history. Toby has turned out to be the most loveable, cuddly, egotistic, and completely obnoxious cat in the world.  He never ceases to be entertaining, that’s for sure. From learning to open kitchen cabinets as a kitten (at least we don’t have to worry about baby proofing the kitchen-already done!), to getting himself stranded on door tops and shower curtain rods because he is too scared to jump down after jumping up (not even joking about the shower curtain rod. this cat has seriously good balance) to managing to get himself stuck in the attic on not one, but two different ocassions, Toby has certainly kept us busy. And as I type he is curled up on my lap purring his signature can-be-heard-across-the-room pur, the one that keeps me up nearly every night. sigh. I love this cat. Happy birthday, Mr. Tobe!


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