Random tid-bit of wisdom for the day:

While tending chickens, it is not wise to wear red toenail polish and flip-flops. Enough said.

Anyways, I promised I was going to be a better blogger, and then I didn’t post for a whole week! Sorry. My excuse? Stephen finally convinced be that I needed a new sewing machine, (I think he came home from work one day to find me yelling and beating the old one…=) and since I got it, I haven’t been able to tear myself away. Who knew that sewing can actually be fun?!?!? It is so quiet I can actually carry on a conversation or watch television while I use it, (as opposed to sounding like a freight train) and it magically sews button holes with the push of ONE button! Ahhh….. So my friend Brandi (who has the same due date as me) and I have been working on some stuff for the babies. We are both going with cloth diapers, so she investigated and decided to order a BumGenius to dissect and use as a pattern (because neither one of us wants to pay $20 a piece for as many as we would need). I think they are turning out really cute! I almost have my half of them ready for elastic, and I will post more pictures when they are done. Here are a few snippets to show just how much cuter they are than disposables:

Here is one of the “magic” buttonholes that my new machine so beautifully makes! this diaper has buttons that allow it to be size-adjustable as Baby grows.

Some of the colors we chose. There are also some lavender ones, but I don’t have any of them done yet. These onse just need some elastic and velcro!

These will be the velcro tabs.

And to finish off this very random post, a few pictures of my blooming cactus. I noticed the buds last night just as a storm was starting to blow in (it only blooms when we get one of those hot summer thunderstorms) and made note to go out early and look at it. It blooms in the wee hours of the morning, and the blossoms only last until the sun hits them. Ahhh, but they are beautiful (and stinky!) while they last! The bloom itself is about 5 inches in diameter, which is bigger than the cactus! And no, I don’t know what kind it is. My Grandma Jo has had one like it for probably 20 years, and she gave me a couple little shoots off hers when we moved into this house a couple of years ago.



5 thoughts on “Random tid-bit of wisdom for the day:

  1. Congrats on the new machine! I got a new one this year as well (after similar cursing and beating)…and wow does it make a difference! Also…I love that you’re going with cloth and making your own. I can’t wait to see the finished diapers!! (And beautiful bloom pics.)

  2. Getting a new sewing machine is a thrill…what did you buy?

    Your diapers are darling. I don’t know why anyone would use disposables when little bottoms can be so well dressed.

    Love the cactus flower! I’d like to see a picture of the actual plant for identification. Since it blooms at night or the wee hours, it could be a Night Blooming Cereus.

  3. My new sewing machine is a Janome DC3018. I LOVE it! It’s not as fancy as some of the higher-end models with tons of embroidery stitches and stuff, but it does everything I need it to and is very user friendly.

    There is another picture that includes the actual cactus at my flickr site if anyone cares to try and identify it. I admit I haven’t tried that hard=)

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