I had my second prenatal visit today, and we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time! It was an amazing moment. It took a few moments for the doctor to find it because the baby was moving around so much but once she did, it sounded so strong and steady. About 150 bpm, which the doc said is just perfect=)

I also found out that haven’t gained anymore weight since my last visit, which was a little surprising considering how huge my belly feels. I havn’t been able to button any of my pants since about 7 or 8 weeks, and I have actually started wearing some of the maternity pants my sister sent me. I was even asked by a complete stranger if I was pregnant for the first time while we were out yardsaling the other day. yikes!

The summer is slipping by so fast! I can’t believe that our professional development will start a week from Monday, and the kids will start the week after that. Just over a week of vacation left=( It has been really nice to get most of the 1st trimester tiredness over with before I have to go back to work, but I am just not quite ready yet… I had so much that I wanted to get done, and I feel like I just slept the whole summer away!


4 thoughts on “Heartbeat

  1. Oh Jodean that is wonderful. We had our 34 week appt. today. The baby is breech so they are talking CS or trying external version techniques. I remember the first time we heard Nates heart beat, it was really cool! Enjoy these times, you have a little person inside of you.

  2. wow…how cool to hear your baby’s heartbeat! i am so glad everything went well at your appointment!

    i had a hard time gaining weight with savannah and they put me on a steak and milkshake diet. sounds like fun, but it got old real fast!!

  3. Congratulations on your pregnancy! We have had two ultrasounds so far but I have to say it was hearing that heartbeat for the first time that really tugged at my heart! I am so happy for you! Enjoy every moment of it. It goes by so fast!

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