One year later, and so blessed…

If you would have asked me a year ago, I would have never imagined that my life would be where it is right now. One year ago we had just been added to the ever-increasing wait list to adopt from Vietnam (Stephen’s birthday, July 12 was the exact date). We wanted so badly to be parents but, at the time, did not ever think it would happen biologically. Our issues with suspected infertility were never something that I blogged very much about at the time, and truthfully, they weren’t even something that concerned us much. My Endocrinologist had diagnosed me with PCOS over a year earlier, long before we were ready for kids, let alone trying for them. We hadn’t exactly been not trying either though, so it sort of made sense why we had been so “lucky” those first few years of marriage.

By the time we felt we were ready for kids, we had reconciled with ourselves that it probably wouldn’t happen biologically, and were 100% ready to adopt. Besides, we had both always felt (and still do!) a desire to adopt. Fertility treatment never even entered our minds as an option. We never had to endure the emotional and financial toll of fertility treatment, or trying each month only to have our hopes dashed. We found out about my PCOS at a time when it was “safe”- we were still emotionally distant from the idea of getting pregnant and carrying a baby. While we understood that we would possibly never have a child biologically, we never really understood infertility in the way that so many couples do.

I guess maybe that’s why when we randomly found out that we are expecting our first biological child almost 11 months after starting our adoption,  I almost felt a little guilty blogging about it. Okay, I admit that at first, I was way to excited to feel anything but crazy-ridiculous joy, and I blogged incessantly for a couple of days, but then I started to receive wonderful, sweet comments for women who I know have struggled with infertility, PCOS in particular, for many years and it really started to bother me how unfair it all seems. Maybe that’s part of the reason I have become such a horrible blogger lately…I mean, our story just seems too good to be true: with all of the awful Vietnam adoption news that was going around a couple of months ago we, along with hundreds of other families, were mourning the fact that adoptions we had longed for would not come to pass, that there would be another roadblock in our path to parenthood, and then BAM! we find out that we are expecting. Meanwhile, there are so many families out there still mourning, still trying to figure out which way to turn next. How unfair is that?

Anyways, I guess what I am trying to say is thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being so excited and supportive of us. It really means a lot, especially as I know that this is a very difficult time for many of your families. Know that I am still thinking and praying for you.

I don’t want to forget for one second how truly blessed my life has been.

And I promise to try to be a better blogger from now on!=)


4 thoughts on “One year later, and so blessed…

  1. Congratulation you two! I was at the 1st birthday of Talon last week. his mom also has PCOS and they used AI to get their little one. I had no idea until the party and she was telling me about her struggles with getting pregnant. They’ve pretty much decided that if they want more kids from here, adoption is the route they will take.

    And I have to say that I didn’t quite understand the desire for adoption until I too became pregnant. Wanting children and knowing that there are so many wonderful ones out there that aren’t wanted is heart breaking.

    Last night, some friends of ours who are in a foster-adopt program came by with Robby. He is 15 mos old and has 3 older siblings and a 3 month old baby sister. They’ve had him for 6 weeks and both want to adopt him. We talked about his mother and father and not being able to understand how they couldn’t straighten up their lives to keep their kiddos. But thank the Lord that Robby has found his way into their arms and heart.

    I guess I get it now. Children are a blessing, no matter how they come into our lives.

  2. I have to say that we are in a place where adoption was a choice for us rather than trying to get pregnant. A year and a half later and we are at a stand still…we’re going to pursue the pregnancy. (In a couple of months) Everything felt SO right in the beginning. I also feel bad posting on our blog about the fact that we are fixing to start trying. I also think though that even though it is hard for people to read about, it also brings great joy to hear about your joy??!! maybe?! it does me anyway. Even though I know that we will not be bringing a child home from Vietnam soon (if ever) I still love to watch others going through the process. So, that is just my encouragement to keep on keepin on with your blog.

  3. As a fellow sufferer I say you go girl! Do NOT feel guilty – we each have our own path and this is yours! I could not be happier for you and cannot wait to hear about the baby and all the changes! So better blogging PLEASE….seriously I need more belly pictures!

  4. I want to write something about not feeling guilty (because you shouldn’t), but I haven’t decided what to say. Just maybe I’ll be back to post something. for now I want to say I find this very encouraging. I was diagnosed with PCOS before (though I’m not convinced I have it; I seem–and the last nurse practitioner I saw agreed–borderline). And my thyroid is dying, being killed by my own immune system. At times I’ve been really scared about not being able to have children, especially being in my (early) mid-twenties and unmarried (thinking, fertility is said to lessen around 30, plus I may not be married before then or even before I’m near, in, or past menopause). I hope to have lots of children (and don’t know I’d afford to adopt them all) and want to experience pregnancy. Thus I’m thrilled to hear you ended up pregnant despite having both of these medical conditions I (maybe) have!!! I rejoice with you in your joy while having a bit of an idea of how sweet this surprise would be since my medical background is similar. I do hope everything goes well in your pregnancy!!!!
    –A woman who just stopped at your blog following a comment you made on another

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