Things I’m Lovin’…

  • The way Stephen has been doting on me and my belly=)
  • The new, improved, clearer pregnancy skin (as opposed to my previous “problem” skin; you PCOSers know what I am talking about!)
  • The fact that I already need to go shopping for some new bras
  • Stephen scooping the cat litter box (although, with the smell sensitivity issues, he could work on frequency a bit more…)
  • my new-found motivation to exercise and eat healthy foods
  • not having to make excuses for my daily nap habit
  • the awesome feeling that another life is growing inside me
  • those moments when it really hits me that I am finally going to be a mom

Not lovin’ so much:

  • Morning sickness. yeah, it just keeps getting worse. I could barely choke down my oatmeal this morning, and the banana? not gonna happen.
  • weird smell aversions
  • unsolicited advice on everything pregnancy, childbirth, and childrearing
  • feeling bloated and PMSish all of the time
  • having to take a nap every day. sometimes twice.
  • WORRYING about every little thing
  • pastel pink and blue…yuck!
  • feeling like I have to be so responsible all of the sudden
  • feeling like I have nothing else to blog about other than pregnancy stuff. sorry guys!
  • Ignorant people making rude comments about how “relieved” we must feel now that we don’t “have to do foster care,” and how all we needed to do was “relax,” and how God must have made the Vietnam adoption fall through on purpose because we were really “meant to get pregnant.” Are you kidding me?!?!?!? (Unfortunately, thisย has happened more than I would even care to mention. I might blog more about it later. or not. it probably isn’t good for me or the baby to get so riled up)

10 thoughts on “Things I’m Lovin’…

  1. Just wait until perfect strangers start touching and rubbing your belly without asking! You will be able to add that to your ‘Not Lovin So Much’ list!


  2. You will probably be able to move the bra thing to the ‘not lovin so much’ list as well if you’re anything like me…Im finally DOWN to a 32F after having Gracie – yes, that’s a real bra size!

  3. wow I am so not jealous of you being sick. I was so super sick from the 8 week until about the 20th. The only good thing was it kept me from putting on too much wait & it meant that i definitely had hormones (that little bugger was bearing down). I ended up having to take meds just to function. Threw up like everywhere (car, bed, floor, whatever cup i could find) (Poor daniel, after i threw up i was usually too exhausted to do anything aobut it, so when he got home he would clean up my numerous little messes and got in the habit of asking “if i thrown up in this cup?” i even peed my pants most of the time when i vomited, not fun. and what did i vomit, ohh about everything and then i was turned off of that thing. strawberries, carrots, oranges (they were so foamy), oatmeal, baked potato, lots of acidie type foods (spag sauce, pizza sauce, grapes). i ended up survivng on cheese?

  4. I’m just back to blog-hopping. We in the process of a stressful house-hunt. So I just read about the good news – CONGRATS ๐Ÿ™‚ – there’s no other feeling in the world as when you first see your little one ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ofcourse the pregnancy itself may be no walk in the park – but the rewards are EVERY BIT WORTH IT ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I can’t believe the rude unsolicited remarks you are getting!!! Have you tried a frosty stare followed by “I can’t believe you said that, you must be so embarrassed.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Ya know, I’ve encountered similar comments from “ignorant people” when excitedly telling them I’m going to be an aunt. Though I’m sure not nearly as many as you and Stephen have heard.
    I’m sad that they only see adoption and fostering as a way of filling an “empty nest” instead of a calling and beautiful way of showing the world how God approaches us unworthy sinners and gives us access to His name and kingdom even though we weren’t physically “born” to him.
    When the time comes for adoption and fostering in your lives, may others’ hearts be quick to understand your own.
    much love – Melissa

  7. I gotta second Kim Ginn’s comment – I, too, was an F, as in Effing HUGE!!! And THAT, I didn’t love so much. But at first it was fun, especially because the pre-nursed on boobs are so firm and perky. Ok, sorry for the tmi, but they don’t stay like that once they’re nursed on or post-nursed on. Darn it!
    Sorry to hear you’ve already started to get the insensitive adoption / pregnancy comments. I HATE that. The insensitivity and ignorance of those comments, while usually unintentional, is really tough for me to swallow.
    Keep enjoying that belly. It really is an incredible thing!

  8. hope everything is okay! i was thinking about you this morning when i was checking my blogs and realized it had been awhile since your last post.

    just checking in!

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