It starts…

The food issues, that is. On friday, Stephen and I were driving back from the Library and I was feeling pretty good about myself, talking about how awesome it was that I hadn’t really even felt nauseaus at all yet. Ahh, you can probably guess what happened next=) Stephen suggested that we stop and get some french fries, and the mere thought made me feel horrible.  Really awful. I still didn’t have much of an appitite that evening, and the only thing I wanted to eat (the only thing I thought I could eat without throwing up!) was cauliflower so I ate almost an entire head of the stuff for supper.  Since then the nausea hasn’t been too bad as long as I eat pretty frequently. I have been noticing a few smell/taste aversions though, particularly with ripe fruit which I found a bit odd because I normally LOVE fruit and eat a lot of it. I was sitting at the kitchen table (I have a fruit bowl on the table) and the smell of the peaches became really over-bearing. I cut them up because I thought they were getting too ripe, but they weren’t. They were just fine. Then, at three this morning, the smell of a cantelope we had in the kitchen (on the other side of the house) actually woke me up. I was really awful, like it was rotting or something, and I couldn’t sleep because of it, so I got up and started to cut it up to feed the chickens (they are rather fond of cantelope). Only it there was nothing wrong with it either. It was definitely ripe, but perfectly fine to eat. (it made me gag to try though) Stephen thinks I am crazy! Oh, and I have completely lost my sweet tooth. really. Jodean not eating sweets. at all. maybe I am crazy=)

Lets see, other than that, I am still completely EXHAUSTED. I thought the increase in my Synthroid dose would help a bit with that but if anything, I am feeling worse. I am really glad that I am getting this first trimester over with while school is out for the summer because I can’t imaging trying to teach with this exhaustion!

Here’s a picture of the belly a few days ago at 5 1/2 weeks:

I think it will be a while yet before it starts to show!


2 thoughts on “It starts…

  1. i sorry about the food deal…that is no fun! hopefully that will pass with the first trimester!

    and the exhaustion, that may be with your until you little one is in your arms…or actually, don’t EVER plan on that going away. that is still how i feel 5 years after being pregnant for the first time! 🙂

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